Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

Our sign up process is handled entirely online. Simply go to our homepage, click the Join Now button, fill out the required information, read and accept our Terms of Use, then enter your payment information. 

After your payment is accepted, you'll receive an email with your login and password (make sure you don't use the same email as another member, or you won't be able to log in). When you log in for the first time, you'll be asked to fill out your license information. In some states, we are able to automatically verify your license; other states require manual approval.

Once your license information is complete, our system will check to see if your broker is already a participant. If they are, your account is unlocked and you're all set! If not, you'll be asked to enter your broker's name and email so we can send them a broker participation form. They just need to e-sign the form; there is no cost to them to do so. Until they complete the form request, you will be a limited member; as a limited member, you can begin to learn the system and enter draft listings.

I only want to be a member when I have a listing or deal in progress; can I do that?

With our monthly pricing, you can join on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any time. However, we do not recommend doing this. If you suspend or cancel your membership, you are no longer covered by our universal cooperation and co-broke as a buyer agent.  Once an offer of cooperation and compensation is made on a listing entered, that offer survives the life of the listing agreement regardless of membership status. If you would like to suspend or cancel your membership, it is your responsibility to contact us at least three days prior to the end of your billing period with your request. Once you are charged, we do not offer refunds. 

Why am I charged as soon as I sign up?  

We do not charge a setup fee or initiation fee for membership, however, we do require first payment prior to processing your application. Many accounts can be approved automatically, though some may require manual license validation. Accounts are approved during regular business hours. You may experience a slight delay in membership approval during off hours or during periods of high member traffic.

For Brokers

Why must my broker participate?

The MLS exists for the purpose of cooperation and compensation between brokers.  Only a broker can make that offer, so they must participate. My State MLS does not charge brokers to participate, and any agents of a participant can join once they've signed the participation agreement. A brokerage that allows office managers to participate in the MLS can sign the participation agreement and be that office's participant. 

My broker is already a participant; why is the system asking for another participation agreement?

If your brokerage has changed addresses or other details since your broker signed the agreement, this can create a second office for your company. If you know that your broker is already a participant, but you're still being asked for an agreement, please contact us.

As a broker participant, what can I do with your system?

Broker participants receive a free participation account. This free account allows the broker to oversee, own, and control the listings entered by their member agents. To enter their own listings or fully utilize the MLS, brokers need a paid account. Please contact us for more information.

Can my office administrator have a special account or admin privileges?

Yes. A broker can request an admin account or administrative privileges for their own account. Administrative accounts allow the admin to control all of their firm's offices, agents, and listings in the MLS. Contact us to request an admin account.

What kind of training is available for my office?

We run webinars several times a month for training purposes. If a group desires a private  training session, we're happy to arrange a demo. Contact us to request a training session for your office.  We also have a full library of training sheets and videos available here.

Can I brand your platform for my brokerage or group of brokers? Do you offer a white label version of your software?

You can, and we do! We can rebrand our platform for your brokerage or group of brokers as a private listing system. It is called the BrokerLS. Contact Member Services for details.

I am worried about my listing data.  Does My State MLS sell data to third party sites?

My State MLS does not sell member listing data. If a broker or the owner of the data wants to send listings to a third party site not already listed in our syndication list, that request would have to come from the broker or data owner.


I'm having trouble uploading my listing pictures; can you help me?

Check out our Photo Uploader Guide here.

Do I have to keep my listings updated?

Yes, you must keep your listings updated. You can view our full listing terms here.

What are the meanings of the different listing types?

  1. An Exclusive or Exclusive Right to Sell listing states the listing broker is the only party allowed to sell the listing. Even if the home sellers were able to find a buyer themselves, with an Exclusive Right to Sell listing, the agent will still be owed commission.
  2. An Exclusive Agency listing denotes a listing contract where the listing agent is the only real estate agent allowed to market a property for sale and is owed a commission if they or any other agent sells the property. An Exclusive Agency differs from an Exclusive Right to Sell because, under an Exclusive Agency agreement, the homeowner can find a buyer and sell the home to them without paying a commission to the agent.
  3. Under a Limited Exclusive listing, multiple designated agents are given the right to market the property and collect a commission on the sale. Only the agent who brings a buyer is owed a commission. 
  4. A Co-Exclusive listing also gives the right to market the property to multiple agents. However, on a Co-Exclusive listing, multiple brokers work together to market and sell a property, then split the commission.
  5. An Open Listing may or may  not have a listing agreement, and typically anyone with permission from the seller can advertise and sell the property. They have very little protection for the agent's commission and typically are not cobroked.

Is price a required field? Can I list a property in a price range?

Price is a required field, as many of the searches are price-dependent.  In addition, listings must reflect the information on the listing contract; such contracts generally specify a price. The only exception to this rule is an absolute auction. In the case of an absolute auction, the assessed or market value must be disclosed in the "Estimated Value" field. 

The seller has requested that the listing not be made public on any websites. Can I enter a private listing that is only seen by agents in my office?

Yes, private listings are allowed. To keep a listing private, select "Yes" under "Company Private" in the listing wizard. Private listings do not syndicate to any third party sites, are not found in a member search, and are not seen on the public search.

Is there a limit to how many listings I can enter on my account?

If you have an individual membership, you are limited to 100 free listings per year. After you enter 100 free listings, you will be charged $5 per listing. If you exceed 200 listings per year, you will be charged retroactively for the first 100 listings. Office accounts do not incur these fees. Individual accounts found to be entering listings for multiple licensees will be charged the $5 listing fee for all listings.

Why is there a charge for more than 100 listings per year on a single account?

High-use single members use more bandwidth and server space than normal volume listing agents. The listing fee charge is there to offset server and bandwidth charges. It is also in place to discourage the use of a single member account by more than 1 person, or to limit a brokerage from entering all of their listings with a single account. The spirit of the MLS is for all agents who access the system to have their own account, which is why we offer discounted office pricing that covers entire office members. If you think you might exceed 100 listings contact us to upgrade to an office membership. 

What if I am a high volume single listing agent?

Contact membership services for more details.

How do I upgrade my single agent account to an office account?

Contact membership services for more details.

Listing Types

Can I list a commercial property on My State MLS?

Yes, My State MLS accepts all property types.

I entered a commercial listing and I can't find it on Zillow, Trulia or What's wrong?

Zillow, Trulia and do not display commercial listings on their websites. Some of our ListHub partners do display commercial listings, as well as

Can I list a mobile or manufactured home on a land lease property?

Yes, we allow this listing type. Some states require a different type of licensure to sell manufactured homes on a land lease (chattel), and if your state requires this license type, you must comply with license law in your state. Not all third party sites display this property type.

Can I list a property as an auction?

Yes, we allow this listing type. However, some states require different licensure for auctioneers. You are required to comply with state license law at all times. 

Can I post a seasonal rental? If so, can I post multiple offering dates and prices for rental terms?

Yes. Seasonal rentals are allowed, and you may post multiple date offerings and prices based on the times the property is offered for rent.  

Cooperation and Compensation

I do not want to offer a cobroke. Can I still enter listings into your MLS?

No. We require a cobroke to be offered on every listing. We do not require a specific amount to be offered; the listing agent should offer an amount based on the deal they made with their client. We do not set prices, and brokers are free to enter into any deal they have agreed on with all other parties to the contract.  Co broke amounts can be negotiated between parties in writing as a separate agreement.

What are the 4 types of cooperation?

All real estate agents are required by law to work under the supervision of the broker they're affiliated with, as their broker's representative. The term "agent" has a different meaning when it involves customers. Agency describes the relationship between real estate agents and your clients, and it guides every activity you engage in as a real estate agent.

  1. Broker Agency refers to a broker who is acting in any capacity other than a buyer's agent or sub-agent. A transaction broker would fall under this category if transaction brokerage is allowed in your state.
  2. Sub Agency commission refers to a situation where the agent bringing a buyer does not have a buyer agency relationship with the buyer and isn't a licensee of the selling agent's firm. In this case, the agent bringing the buyer is acting as a sub agent of the listing broker.
  3. Buyer Agency refers to a co broke arrangement where the cooperating agent has a buyer agency agreement and relationship with the buyer.
  4. Bonus refers to extra compensation offered by the listing agent above the other amounts listing, usually to help a home sell more quickly.

Why isn't Referral Fee a cobroke type?

Referral fees are offered under a separate referral agreement and are not considered a co-broke amount. 

Marketing Tools

What is a CMA?

A CMA is a Comparative Market Analysis. It is used to help determine the value and potential list price of a property. 

Can I make a CMA on this site?

Yes, our members can use our CMA program to create a full CMA on a property. It can then be connected to a client, saved in your account, printed, or emailed, all from inside the MLS.

Can I send automatic email updates about properties to my contacts?

Yes. Once you've created a saved search in your account, you can select "Drip this Search" and enter your client's email to have property updates sent to them.

Can I post open houses, virtual tours, 3D tours, floor plans, surveys, and YouTube videos on my listings?

Yes, we allow all of these media types, as well as Matterport and Immoviewer 3D tours.

Can I receive leads from my listings on your MLS?

Yes. We have a public search available. Any leads sent regarding your listings through this search go directly to you.

What is the difference between your site and sites like Zillow and Trulia?

We are a Multiple Listing Service created for the purposes of cooperation and compensation between participating members. Consumer sites like Zillow and Trulia are 3rd party sites which advertise listings to the general public and sell leads to agents. We party with select 3rd party sites to provide listing data and help advertise your listings.

Why do Zillow, Trulia, and only accept Exclusive Right to Sell and Exclusive Agency listings?

These sites make money by selling leads to buyer agents. Those leads are only valuable if the listing agent is willing and able to cooperate - meaning the listing must be exclusive. Some co-listed exclusives may show on these sites, though they will only have one agent's information. In addition, may accept duplicate listings. However, they'll stack the listings so only one will show at a time.

Do you have an iBuyer service?

No, we do not offer iBuyer service. Some of our members may offer to buy your house if it doesn't sell, but these services are not affiliated with our site.


How do I update my payment information?

Simply click "Account" at the top of your page while logged in, then "Edit My Account". From there, you'll see the payment section, where you can update your payment information.

How can I get a receipt for my MLS membership payment?

Simply click "Account" at the top of your page while logged in, then "Edit My Account". From there, you'll see the payment section, where you can click "View Last Invoice" to see your most recent receipt.

Why do accounts auto-renew? Can I turn off auto-renewal payments?

Participants are covered under our universal co-broke agreement. Listing contracts and deal close dates likely exceed current paid membership terms. In addition, automatic renewal helps avoid any service and syndication interruptions. If you need to cancel, please contact us at least 3 days before the end of your billing period.

Editing Your Account

How do I change my password?

You can either:

  1. Hover over "Account" at the top of your page, then click "Change Password"
  2. Click "My Account" on the sidebar, then "Change Password"
  3. If you've forgotten your password, click "Log In" on the homepage, then click the "Forgot Password" link to have a link to reset your password emailed to you.

If I have moved to another firm or office, how do I change my account information?

To move offices, please contact us. If you have active listings that you want to bring with you to your new office, you will need to obtain a signed release from your broker and a new listing contract with the seller. Once all listings are settled, we will move your account to your new office.

My license has expired in the system; how can I update it?

  • If your license number, expiration date, office name, or address has changed recently, follow these steps:
  • Click on "Edit My Account" link found under the "Account" drop down at the top of your screen.
  • Scroll down and then click the "Edit License" link.
  • Enter your license (if it is different than the one already filled in) and click the "Confirm" button.
  • If the information that appears is valid, click the "Save License" button.

If the system won't accept your updated license, please contact Member Services to update your license.

I'm having trouble uploading my profile picture; can you help me?

Check out our Photo Uploader Guide here.

I can't access the email associated with my account; how do I get back in?

Contact Member Services for assistance.

Cancelling Your Account

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email our office from the email associated with your account to request a cancellation. Alternatively, you can send us a request via our feedback form while you are logged into your account.

Why can't I just call or chat to cancel my membership?

Memberships must be cancelled via email from the email address we have on file for the account. This is a security measure to protect our members; we're able to verify the account owner is the person making the request. Once you submit your request, you'll receive a confirmation from our billing department. Just reply to it and your request will be processed.

If you're no longer able to access the email we have on file for your account, contact member services so we can assist you.

Other MLSs

Can I receive a Letter of Good Standing to opt out of my local MLS under MLS of Choice?

Yes. Letters of Good Standing are available to members who pay yearly. Simply contact us to receive your letter.

How do I get a Supra Key or Sentry Key?

Supra Keys are typically administered by the local board of REALTORs.  If you are a REALTOR with any board, you are able to buy a key from any other board under NAR's Board of Choice rule. If you are not a REALTOR, or if the local MLS owns the boxes, it is the listing agent's fiduciary duty to accommodate you and your buyer. Insist that the listing agent either open the door or make other arrangements to get you and your buyer inside the house. If a listing agent refuses access to you as a buyer's agent, that is a violation of license law. Department of State Licensing boards have fined and even revoked the licenses of brokers who refuse to allow a buyer's agent to show a property.

Will my listings appear on another MLS?  

Listings will only appear in My State MLS and NY State MLS. 

I have my listings in another MLS; do I have to manually enter them again?

Office accounts may send listings in a feed, which we can help you set up. You can also use our API to deliver listings from your own technology tool in real time. FTP of data is also accepted.


Can I show the My State MLS listings on my website?

Yes, you can! This is called an IDX feed. Members can apply for an IDX feed on their website; we will provide a RETS feed of data for your tech vendor to configure and display. There is an additional fee for the IDX feed. Please contact member services for details.

Can I get an iframe for my website?

My State MLS does not offer an iframe.

I don't have a website yet; can you make me a website with my company's listings as well as other MLS listings?

We build and host websites; contact us for a demo and pricing.

I just want my own company's listings on my website, not the entire MLS. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Participating members can receive their own data back in a RETS feed at any time with no fee.


I am a tech vendor who'd like to receive your feed. How can I get this data?

If you are a vendor representing one of our members who wants an IDX feed for their website, the member must request the data feed. Fees may apply.

I run a third party listing website; how can I receive your data for my website?

We do make 3rd party syndication agreements with websites which can demonstrate value for our members. Each member may make their own decision whether to allow their listings to syndicate to your website.

I run an online newspaper; do you build online newspaper search sites?

Yes, we build custom solutions for online publications. Each member may make their own decision whether to allow their listings to syndicate to your website.

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