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Sick Of Seeing The Same Cabinetry? Try These To Give Them A Fresh Look

Kitchen cabinets that are both functional and tasteful are vital for a dreamy kitchen. The style of your kitchen cabinets define the outlook of your kitchen, the storage capacity, convenience, and add to the aesthetic of your place. Whether you are aiming for new

Pre-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Fluffy snowflakes and sparkling icicles may make for a winter wonderland, but they can also cause drafts, form ice dams, and even disrupt communication and power for days.The good news is you can avoid winter-related disasters by taking the necessary

What The DOJ Filing And NAR Agreement Means For You

Last week, the National Association of REALTORs reached an agreement with the Department of Justice in response to concerns raised by the Department regarding transparency and competition in the MLS industry. While the settlement has not been finalized, these initial conversations mark a change that will affect the way MLSs do business going forward. Our founder, Dawn Pfaff, weighed in to help

10 Magical Ideas For Every Season of Your Garden

Are you a passionate gardener who uses every minute of their free time to get creative in the garden? Just a novice at this amazing hobby? Well, you're at the right place no matter which group you belong to! Stay with us to learn about ten magical ideas for every season to upgrade your

In the News: How Agents Can Expand Their Territory

When agents are looking to expand their territory, they usually mean they are looking to earn more money. While serving a wider geographic area can definitely accomplish that, there are many more options available for real estate professionals looking to take the next step in their career. Our founder, Dawn Pfaff, talked to Agent Advice about her top tips for agents looking to expand their

4 Home Selling Costs You Need To Know

When you envision selling your house, you imagine how much money you can walk away with after closing a deal. You might invest in some upgrades that raise your property value in hopes of a decent profit. While there are many practical costs to consider, selling your house also costs thousands of dollars in fees and other legal transactions that you need to be aware

Ways To Improve Your Home Without Major Renovations

Homeowners planning to list their houses for sale or want to make some updates, mistakenly believe a major remodeling project is the only solution. However, there are many ways to improve your home without extensive renovations. Check out these ideas to freshen your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Remove Bulky Furniture To Open Up SpaceA

3 Renovations You Can Do to Increase Your Net Proceeds

When it comes to house renovations, there is the reality that the renovation cost won't be 100% recouped. With that said, most people have a tough time deciding if their houses should be renovated with the risk of not receiving a total return on investment. This leads homeowners to wanting the best value out of every dollar they spend on

Webinar Digital Marketing For Real Estate

In an increasingly digital world, creating video content isn't just a good idea for marketing your business - it's critical to your success.Videos receive better social media engagement,increase email open rates, and can even improve your SEO. Even better,you don't need fancy gearor lengthy scripts to get started.