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Top Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Projects

Getting a house ready to list for sale is a big job. Depending on the home's condition, professional help may be required to fix plumbing and wiring or address leaky roofs. Hiring a pro eats into the potential profits from selling a home, but not hiring one could also reduce the sale price to a buyer who recognizes the place needs work.There is a happy medium, at least with some of the

Essential Elements of an Outdoor Living Space

It's easy to view your backyard as nothing more than that-just an empty space with some grass and trees. In truth, you can transform it into an extra room for your home that's uniquely open to the outdoor air and melds seamlessly with the nature around it. How do you craft such an area, though? If you're unsure of what to consider, be sure to include the following essential elements of

Free Webinar: From Stale to Sold

Even with current events, we're still seeing movement in the real estate market. Some areas are seeing a return to 'business as usual,' and even markets that are still navigating strict regulations are heating up this summer. Through virtual showings, limited closings, and Facebook Live open houses, listings are selling! So why aren't yours? Missed

What Aspects of a Home's Exterior Make a Significant Impact on Buyers?

If you're interested in selling your home or investing in its value, now is a great time to make improvements that will increase its sale price and help it stand out in the marketplace.Potential buyers are looking to buy homes, and housing sales are picking up. Property sales will continue to increase - and the best way to take advantage of this uptick in sales is to renovate your home to

Pictures Say Everything: Interior Design Advice for Staging Your Living Room

We spend most of our time at home designing a space that feels uniquely ours - personalized to our individual styles and adorned with furniture and items that bring us joy. But once you're ready to sell, it can feel daunting to figure out how to suddenly make that personal space feel a bit more universal and broadly appealing to prospective buyers. Because truthfully, photos of your space

Three Genius Ways to Sell Your House Fast

In May 2020, over $250 million dollars worth of houses were sold in Denver. Interest rates and the supply of houses are low right now. A seller's market is encouraging, and there are many creative ways to sell your home!Professionals agree you must come up with smart and creative ideas if you want to sell your house fast. Even with the uncertainty that's out there, there are ways you can

Different Types of Residential Drainage Systems

Your dream house seems less dreamy the first time you discover that a river runs through it. If you discovered a stream in your basement or little lakes in your lawn with every downpour, different types of residential drainage systems can help. Clean Gutters and Extended Downspouts Your first defense against downpours is a good

How to Sell a House During COVID-19

Even in a pandemic, people need places to live, job-seekers need to relocate, and empty-nesters still need to downsize. If selling your home is a necessity rather than an option, real estate professionals can show you how to sell a house during COVID-19. Invest in Professional Pictures and

NEW Digital Docs: What You Need to Know

Earlier this month, we announced a new feature that is available through your MLS account called 'Digital Docs.' Digital Docs brings end-to-end digital transaction management to our members, with the ability to easily send documents for e-signature to multiple clients, intuitive file management, and a document vault. This feature streamlines your transactions for more efficiency -