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How To Stay Busy When Real Estate Is Slow

Just as we described in our 'How to Just Say No' post, real estate sales, showings and success is often a numbers game. So, how do you keep your foot on the gas pedal with everything, and everyone (thank you, Fed) seemingly works against you? Our team at My State MLS have pulled together to find the answers to the ultimate question, 'how do I survive amid a long winter?' Slow periods

When Is the Right Time to Say NO to Real Estate Clients?

Many of the most successful real estate agents will tell you this is a numbers game. You may often here things like 'volume over value' or 'become a 'yes' person.'. While that methodology has been effectivefor agents new and seasoned, there are a few cases where pressing the pause button on that school of thought is a better option. Regardless of the reason, there are ways to turn