5 Things Dog Owners Consider When Buying A Condo

by Matt Dorosh 

Your dogs are your family, and you want them to be happy and comfortable in your new home! If you’re buying a condo, there are some things to consider where your pet is concerned.

1.   Know what your dog needs. Dogs have different needs based on their size, breed, activity level, age, and more! You know what your dog needs best. If you are looking to get a dog after you move into your condo, here are some recommended dog breeds for condos.

2. Know your condo’s rules. Some condos are run by a Homeowners Association (HOA). Whether your new condo is run by an HOA or not, there may be specific requirements on what dog breeds and sizes are allowed.  It is best to check directly with your HOA to make sure you have a smooth transition to your new home. 

3.   Consider your floor number. This may be a consideration based on your dog’s activity level. First, find out if your building has an elevator. If your building does not have an elevator and you have a dog that is more active, then a higher floor number will not be an issue. If your dog is less active or older, consider a condo on a lower floor.  

4.   Consider the layout of the condo. Different dogs need different amounts of space. Some things to consider are your dog’s activity level.

Your dog will need enough space to roam around and play. For example, An open floor plan may be better-suited for a more active dog. If your dog is prone to accidents in the house, consider the flooring in the apartment, as cleaning is different for hardwood and carpeted floors.  Check the layout of the condo and think about what changes you may need to make for your dog to be comfortable. If you’re willing to make your home into a smart home, here are a few tips that can help you.

5.   Check the availability of nearby parks and open spaces where your dogs can get exercise and fresh air.  Some dog breeds need more outdoor activity time than others. If there is a park or dog area at your condo or a nearby park, look up their policies on keeping your dog leashed. Some parks are off-leash, and some require you to keep your dog leashed. It’s important to have an outdoors area that meets your dog’s needs nearby!

Take time and consideration for your dog’s needs as you research condos so you and your dogs will be able to fully enjoy your new home.

About the Author

 Matt Dorosh lives and breathes Real Estate and is committed to working closely with his buyers and sellers to help them attain their goals. Matthew is dedicated to simplifying the buying and selling process for his clients, making it a stress-free experience.

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