7 Small Dining Room Ideas to Maximize Space

By Sharon Keigh

Everyone  loves  a  beautiful,  spacious  dining  room where you can   unleash   your   interior   design   dreams   and   fantasies. Sometimes,  there  is  simply  not  enough  space  for all of your ideas  to  come  to  fruition.  However,  that does not mean you cannot  play  around  with the space you have at your disposal. For  this  reason,  our MyState MLS team  has  collected  seven  small dining room ideas to inspire you and maximize space.

Luckily, today it is possible to apply smart design ideas to enhance your dining room spatially and aesthetically. Even if your dining room is but a small corner, there are ways you can make it visually appealing. Read on to see how you can do that.

  1. Small but useful dining room

If  you  plan  on doing a home remodel anytime soon, this is the perfect  chance to make your small dining room space as useful as  possible.  Some  simple tricks and investments can help you accomplish this. 

The    oldest    trick    for     interior    designers    is      to     swap your  rectangular  dining table for a circular one. This allows the space  to  breathe,  so  to speak, making movement around the table  much  easier.  Furthermore,  you  can easily  add an extra chair  or   two  if  need  be,  thus  making  maximum use of your dining room space.  

2. Add artwork to the dining room.

Another  way  to  visually  enlarge  your  dining  room  is  to  play  around with scales of items and the size of the room. Placing large format artwork on the walls or installing flooring with interesting patterns will give off the impression of grandeur, making the space impactful  and  memorable.  You  can  also  experiment with wall-paper, although in order to open up the space, it is typically better practice to paint the walls into light monochrome colors.

3. The narrow space principle

A  gallery-like  space  is  a  perfect place to designate as your dining  room.  In  this  case,  a  long and narrow table should make  the  room  appear  even longer. Your use of the room will    also   be   eye-catching   and   eclectic,   alongside   the practicality of having more space to move around. 

Be  sure  to  find  a  really  narrow  table - at  least  36  inches  of free space are needed to keep the room functional. You might also consider  buying  or  making a table that can pull out another board - this will also help maximize your dining room space. Naturally, you  want  to  keep  the  surface  of  the  table  as  free  as  possible - packing  your  table with kitchen items or decoration will make everything feel cramped and cluttered.

4. Make use of mirrors

Place  a big,  broad  mirror  opposite  a  window  to  create  a  visual  illusion of spaciousness. If possible, try to position it opposite a window  to  reflect  light  and  make  the  room  more  bright and inviting. This is a nifty way to use the space on the walls to create a visual illusion that there is more to the room than there really is.  

If you need help with mirror placement or, for that matter, any other piece of furniture, we suggest you hire a professional interior designer that will assess what the best option is, and what kind of mirror fits your dining room best.

5. Install a kitchen island

A  kitchen island is a versatile structure that can simultaneously serve as a kitchen surface to make meals and as a substitute for a dining room table. In this way, you can use the space you have more efficiently to free up space that a dining table would normally occupy. 

To  make  it  even more space-efficient, choose a taller kitchen island that has additional storage space inside. This enables you to store kitchen utensils, groceries, and other kitchen items, thus maximizing the available space.

6. Swap your clunky dining room table with a petite breakfast table

If  you  are  going  for  a  minimalistic  and  clean  interior design solution,  this type of  table is the way to go. Although you won't be  able  to  host  a 12-person dinner anymore, your day-to-day coffee  drinking  and  meal  eating  will  be  much more chic and eclectic.  Also,  since  you  can  place  the chairs underneath the table, you will have much more movement space. Additionally, you can use it as a kitchen surface. 

These  tables  are  usually  relatively  small  and  free  up  space considerably. Choose a petite breakfast table made of light wood to make the dining room appear more 'open-air.' However, do so only if it makes sense when paired with the color palettes surrounding the table.

7. Built-in kitchen nook

A  built-in  kitchen  nook can be on the pricey side, and it is not every dining room that can accommodate it appropriately. However, as with kitchen islands, their appeal and usefulness should not be underestimated. Having a kitchen nook will add an unmistakably welcoming and homely vibe to your dining room. It will also allow you to store items inside without them ever being noticed. 

Furthermore, since kitchen nooks have to be custom made to fit the corner perfectly, you can choose how long and wide it can be. Be sure to use this to your advantage since it is not every day that you do not have to rely on pre-made tables and chairs. 

All in all, we hope these seven small dining room ideas to maximize space helped you find a suitable solution for your interior design problems.

About the Author

Sharon Keigh is  an  interior  designer  focusing on small spaces. She often collaborates with moving companies like Tik Tok Moving and Storage to create smart and creative solutions for furniture placement inside the clients' homes. She is most passionate about creating orderly visual constellations of furniture and decor that align with Feng Shui principles.

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