Amenities to Look for in Your Next Apartment

By Noelle Fauver

If you’re  moving  to   a   new  apartment or  you’re going to be renting  your  very  first property, you might be a little overwhelmed. Besides choosing the area you want to live in, you’ll also need to find a place that fits your budget and lifestyle. If you have pets, for example,   it’s important to find a space that allows your furry best friends. When shopping around for an apartment, it’s important to create  a  wishlist  that  outlines  your  wants  versus  your  needs. It may be helpful to make a list of questions to ask the leasing office so you don’t forget any important details! 

Not  sure  where  to start?   We’ve  compiled  a list of apartment and community amenities you may want as part of your next living space. 

In-Unit Amenities

Here are some perks you should look for while you’re hunting down the perfect apartment.

In-unit appliances

Although the vast majority of apartments you look at will have a stove and   fridge,   you   might   come   across a few that don’t. Unless you’re planning on eating out every night or buying your own appliances,   make  sure  your new apartment offers these essentials.

Another great  in-unit  perk  is  having  a washer and dryer. Even if the apartment complex offers a community laundry room, it can be annoying  to lug your laundry basket to the laundry room. This is even more of an issue if the complex doesn’t offer any laundry facilities at all. At that point, you would have to bring your laundry to an off-site laundry mat – which is a giant hassle.

Dishwashers  are  another convenient in-unit amenity to look out for while you’re apartment hunting. Unless you like washing your dishes by hand, dishwashers are a time-saving appliance that are nice to have in your home.

Furnished units

If you don’t  plan  on  staying  in  a  unit  for  very  long,  you  may want to consider renting a furnished unit. Typically, these types of apartments are much more pricey to rent, but they can save you the cost of moving or purchasing furniture.

Pet-friendly apartments

Obviously, if you have pets, you consider them family. Choose a pet-friendly  apartment  when  you’re  hunting, so both you and your four-legged  buddies  will  be happy. It’s important to note that you will  likely  need  to  pay a pet deposit or a monthly pet rent  charge.   In  some  cases,  you  won’t have to pay anything extra to bring your pets along with you – but that’s very hard to find.

Private outdoor space

Although the size of your indoor space is incredibly important, having access to a little outdoor space can improve your quality of life.

Heat and Air Conditioning

Being  comfortable  where  you  live  is   incredibly  important. If you’re   moving   to   an   area   that  experiences   hot  and cold extremes  during  the  year,   make  sure  your  new  apartment offers  both  heating  and  air conditioning. Sure, you can get by with  a   portable   heater   and   a   fan,   but   you  won’t  be  as comfortable as you would if you had AC and heat.

If you’re  living  in  a more temperate environment, heating and air conditioning is a nice bonus, but less of an essential.

Updated kitchen

If you make meals at home frequently, the state of your kitchen could impact your ability to cook. Look for an apartment offering an updated kitchen with what you need, so you can make the most out of your homemade meals.

Community Amenities

Now that you know a few of the perks you may want inside your apartment, here are a few community amenities that could impact your enjoyment of the complex or unit.

Parking availability

If  you  live  in  an  urban  area,  parking is always at a premium. When  you’re  coming  home  from  a  long day at work, the last thing  you  want  to  do is circle the block looking for parking so you can  go home and relax. Look for an apartment that offers secured, underground parking.

Security measures

Wherever  you  live,  it’s  important  to  feel  safe  and secure. “Safe and secure” could mean different things to different people and you’ll need  to  decide  what’s  important  to you. Look for features like security cameras, well-lit outside spaces, carded entry, triple unit door locks, and on-site security. 

Shared outdoor spaces

Whether you prefer swimming pools, a grassy courtyard, or barbecues, many apartments offer unique outdoor amenities to take advantage of.   With  that said,  these  types  of perks can raise the rent price, so make sure that you will actually use these spaces before justifying paying a higher rent.

Fitness center

If you have a gym membership, you can save a ton of money by renting  an  apartment  that  offers  a  fitness  center.  Although fitness  centers  in  apartments  can  vary widely in their quality, for casual exercise, they’re a great added bonus.


If  you  live on  the  first  or  second  floor,  having access to an elevator may not matter much to you. But once you live on the third floor or  above, having an elevator makes a huge difference. After all, nobody wants to haul up their groceries more than one flight of stairs.  

Coworking space

High-end  apartments  may  offer  coworking  spaces that allow you to spend time away from your living space in an office outfitted with  desks,  computers,  internet access,  and  even printers. Although you may pay more for this space, it’s worth it for those who work remotely and need a space outside their apartment to concentrate.

Community garden

Although   a   community  garden  is  a  fairly rare amenity, if an apartment   offers  this  perk,  it means the apartment complex owners value self-sufficiency and a sense of community among neighbors.

Summary: Finding the perfect apartment

When you’re shopping for a new apartment, it can be overwhelming to decide what you really need to be happy and comfortable. However,   we  hope  that  this guide to apartment amenities gives you a better idea of what’s available so you can find your dream space. Happy hunting!

About the Author

Noelle Fauver is  a  contributing  editor  for   She has a B.A.   in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge  and experience in marketing, copywriting, and small business management. She volunteers on the board of the  San  Diego  American  Marketing  Association  as  the  Event Experience Chair to help local marketers in the area develop their professional repertoire and connect with other professionals. She loves curling up next to the fire with a good book on a rainy day with a bowl of homemade soup. But most of all, she loves marketing.

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