Change of Address Checklist - NY edition

by Cassie Dunkin

Moving to NYC can become hectic in the bat of an eye. However, planning and organizing every detail around the upcoming relocation is a great way to ensure some success. Keep in mind that not everything will go according to the plan - and that's okay. One way to organize your relocation is by creating checklists with different topics and simply crossing items off one by one. Here's a change of address checklist that'll help you manage your life before, during, and after the move.

When should you notify everyone of your change of address?

The first thing you should do is make a list of people you want to notify about your address change. It would be best if you did this as soon as possible. However, once you have the checklist in front of you, you'll need to prioritize. Not everyone is equally important and urgent. Make sure to set your priorities straight and start alerting your contacts. If you wait to do this once you start moving out, it'll be too late.

Who should you notify?

There are many organizations, services, and people that you should inform of your change of address. Failing to do this can increase the costs of everything else you need to do. Even though it might not sound that expensive at first, once everything adds up - let's just say you won't be thrilled.

Government agencies

  • The US Postal Service

 Informing the US Postal Service that you've changed your address is essential. You can do this in advance but give them notice of when to start forwarding your mail to the new address.

  • The DMV and the IRS

 When it comes to your driver's license, there's a law that states how long you can live at the new address before you need to change it. In New York, this period is within the first ten days of your arrival. Act fast. There might be a way to change your address online. If the IRS doesn't get your change of address on time, your personal info could end up in the wrong hands.

  • The Social Security Administration

 If you receive Social Security benefits, you need to notify them as soon as you get the chance. Luckily, you can do this online, so it shouldn't take long.

  • Voter registration

 If you wish to exercise your right to vote as a US citizen, your file needs to contain your updated address. Visit the Government's site for further information.

Financial services

  • Investment services and banks

 You'll want to make sure that your bank's statements and bills come to the right address. The same applies for the IRS, you don't want these pieces of important information to go to someone else.

  • Credit card companies

 You can approach updating the new address in a credit card company in a few different ways. There's the option to visit their website, call them, or write them an email.

  • Tax advisors and accountants 

 Once tax season approaches, the last thing you'll want to deal with is changing your address. Notifying your accountant of the change even before you've moved is your best bet.


 Unfortunately, all the utility bills in your home come separately. This is why you need to take your time and see which ones you need to notify of the changed address. You should register your address change and schedule a specific date for these companies to turn your old utilities off if necessary. Don't risk ending up with many old unpaid utility bills because you didn't make a few phone calls.


Once you cover all the necessities and are certain that no unpaid and unplanned monthly bills will pop up once you've moved, you can move on to insurance. Especially when it comes to health insurance, you don't want any mix-ups. Failing to organize your health insurance accordingly could end up costing you a lot. Something you'll need to check when dealing with your insurance papers' change of address is whether your healthcare providers operate in your new location. Homeowner and life insurance should also be on the list of companies that need your new address.


Since subscriptions don't sound as important as everything else on the checklist, people often make the mistake of forgetting to cancel them. Although this is not a significant mistake, failing to cancel or transfer your subscriptions will lead to additional expenses - just like everything else on the list. Seeing how you're relocating, additional expenses probably aren't something that you want. Pay attention to: 

  • Magazines and other subscription boxes
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Religious institutions you belong to

Personal contacts 

Naturally, those closest to you will be aware that you're moving. However, we don't always stay in touch with everyone as much as we'd like to or should. This is why you should notify all your contacts about your change of address once you've moved. This is probably the least urgent of all the calls you'll need to make, so don't put a lot of pressure on yourself. If you forget to do this, it's very unlikely that something bad will come out of it.

About the Author

Cassie Dunkin has been working in the moving industry for over ten years. She is a freelance writer and consultant at Simplify Valet Storage & Moving. Making people's relocations easier and more orderly has become her superpower. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for her family and going on long nature hikes.

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