Essential Elements of an Outdoor Living Space

by Kayla Keena

It’s easy to view your backyard as nothing more than that—just an empty space with some grass and trees. In truth, you can transform it into an extra room for your home that’s uniquely open to the outdoor air and melds seamlessly with the nature around it. How do you craft such an area, though? If you’re unsure of what to consider, be sure to include the following essential elements of an outdoor living space.

Comfortable Seating

At the forefront of designing an outdoor living space is the inclusion of comfortable seating. You may choose from countless options, including small chairs that are easy to move around, heavier reclining chairs, and even cushioned sofas. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want to create an arrangement that encourages conversation and relaxation. People often place chairs around a central coffee table or full-sized table, similar to what you would see in a living room or dining room.

Warm Lighting

There will definitely be warm and clear evenings when you want to invite friends and family over for a pleasant outdoor get-together and meal. On those occasions, lighting will be an essential element of your outdoor living space - especially as the sun sets. Be sure to install lighting directly on the back of your home so that people can easily find their way to and from the house. You can also install landscape lights along the perimeter of the area to illuminate it better. Roofed outdoor living spaces can include overhead lights as well. Another source of light you may want to have is a fire pit. A fire pit will not only provide radiance to the area, but also warm you up as you sit nearby. 

Enclosed Privacy

You’ll want to spend a lot of time in your outdoor living space, so you should try to create a sense of calm throughout it. An important part of this is having privacy from surrounding streets and neighbors. You can enclose your space with tall shrubs and some fencing to achieve this. Whether you decide to use plants, fencing, or a combination of both, you should coordinate them to match your outdoor furniture and decorations to further enhance the tranquility and make the space more inviting to guests. Get in touch with a landscaper or a fencing contractor to help you erect a wall of vegetation or solid material that will look good and last.

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