Fixtures, What They Are, And Why They Matter

By Regina Wheeler

Purchasing  a  home  can be one of the biggest decisions in a person's life. However not everyone is sure about what items typically come with a home and which ones do not. Here, we will look at answering just this question.

What Is A Fixture?

Generally  speaking,  a  fixture  is  anything  that  is  screwed  or  fastened to the house in one way or another. A good rule of thumb many  real  estate  agents  use  is  if  an  item requires a screwdriver or set of tools to be detached from the house, it is most likely a fixture.

Why Are Fixtures Important?

Many  home  sellers  believe  that  any  item they have personally installed can go with them when they sell the house and move on. “Unless  specifically  stated  in  the purchase agreement, this is not the case and most fixtures must remain with the house even if it transfers ownership from one individual to another'' writes James Lee, a real estate writer at Next Coursework and Phd Kingdom.

Most Common Items Not Considered Fixtures

1. Refrigerator

While  t is customary for individuals to leave a refrigerator when selling  a  home,  it  is not considered a fixture. This might come as   a   surprise   to   some   people,   but  sellers  are  under  no obligation to provide buyers with a refrigerator.

2. Washer And Dryer

Another  appliance  that  many  people may, at first, think to be a fixture is a washer and dryer duo. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and sellers are free to take their washer and dryer with them when they leave.

3. Above Ground Hot Tub/Swimming Pool

If a hot tub or pool is above ground and can be hauled away without breaking any concrete or digging into the earth, then the seller is free to take it with them when they sell the house.

4. Fish In Fish Pond

Although  this may seem like an odd item to some, sellers are well within their legal right to take with them any fish they may have in an outdoor fish pond.

5. Home Theater System

Unfortunately   for   the   buyer,  any  home  theater  system that  has  been  installed is not considered a fixture and can be  disassembled  and  taken  away  by  the seller once they leave.

Items That Are Considered Fixtures

1. Counter Tops

One  of  the  main  items  people replace when re-doing a kitchen is the countertops. “Counter tops have caused some confusion in many  cases,  but  at  the  end of the day they are considered fixtures. Even if the homeowner has spent a decent amount of money on  installing  new  countertops,  they  are considered a fixture and cannot be disassembled and taken with them unless specifically started in the purchase agreement” writes Henry Rolls, a writer at Origin Writings and Britstudent.

2. Underground Hot Tub Or Swimming Pool

While  it  is  true that any hot tub or swimming pool that sits freely on top of the ground can be removed from the property during a sale,   one’s  that  are  placed  into  the ground cannot. This has created some confusion in the past, especially when it comes to hot tubs set into a deck or patio.

3. Attached Awnings

In  warmer  clients,    it  is  not  uncommon  for  homeowners to install  some  kind  of  awning  to  protect  them  from  the  sun. Typically,   awnings  that  have  been  attached  to  the house as permanent  items  are  considered  fixtures  and  are  not  to be uninstalled and removed in the event of a home sale.

4. New Windows

In  colder  climates,  window  installation  can  be  a  major  investment. Not only does it help to keep cold air out, but good windows also  serve  to keep warm air inside the house. In fact, new windows are one of the most common expenses homeowners incur and they  are  not cheap. Because of this, some individuals may be tempted to take newly installed windows with them when they leave. Unfortunately,   unless   it   is   explicitly   stated  in  the  purchase  agreement,  new  windows  are  considered  fixtures  and  cannot be removed.

5. Sinks

Like  windows,  it  is  very common for people to replace old/outdated sinks when they buy a house. Unfortunately for them, these items are considered fixtures and cannot be removed and taken away upon sale.

About The Author

Regina  Wheeler  is  an  e-learning  consultant at Essay Writing Services. Throughout the years, she has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in both marketing and finance. When she isn’t working, Regina enjoys improving her knowledge of both business and the financial world through personal study.

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