From the Floor to the Ceiling: Basic Decorating Rules for First Time Buyers

By Lilly Miller

Many homebuyers daydream about decorating their new home long before finding one. As with all things related to interior design, there are a couple of rules that need to be followed in order to make the most of any space.

Although  the  decorating  process  may  seem  simple,  there’s  a  lot of work involved. But don’t sweat it! With these couple of basic decorating  rules  in  mind,  you’ll  have  no  trouble  taking  your  new  place  from  a  plain,  basic  space  to  a  beautiful home you’ll love coming back to.

Create a blank canvas using a neutral color palette

When   you   first   move into your new abode,  you  may  find  it challenging  to  decide  which  colors  you  want  to dominate in your  living  space.  After  all,  you want to make your new home feel  truly  yours,  and  the  best  place  to  start is to make it feel more like you.

That  being  said,  this  decision- making  process can be tough if you’re not clear on what you want. To spare yourself the hassle of redecorating  your  home in a month or two just because you don’t like the colors, start off slowly. When you’re indecisive, neutrals are your best friend. They’re perfect for creating a blank canvas, not to mention how they’re really on-trend right now.

Create an illusion of height

Colors can also be your best friend when it comes to making low ceilings look higher. The idea is to try to blur the lines between the walls and the ceiling, which can be achieved by painting the two in the same color.

Furniture  can  also  be  of great help when it comes to creating an illusion of  height.  Stick  with  low-profile  pieces  such  as  tables and  sofas  and  consider  combining  them  with  slim  and  tall pieces such as bookshelves. They’ll draw the eye upwards, while the variations in height will make your space feel laid-back and relaxed.

Layer the room starting with the floor

Moving  from  top  to  bottom,  your new home will also require several  layers  if  you  want  to  make  it feel more homely, cozy, and lived-in. This is where you can really get creative and infuse your new space with personality and taste.

Starting  with  the  floor,  opt  for  cozy  floor  coverings  that’ll  blend  in  easily  into  your  interiors. Whether you like to keep things traditional  or  prefer a more  modern  look,  choosing  some  gorgeous  area rugs from Miss Amara  is a simple way to up the style factor.  After  finding  that  dominant  decor piece, you can move on to introducing other layers through window treatments, throw pillows  and  cushions,  plants,  and  artwork.  Bring in a range of textures, fabrics, patterns, and prints. Play around, and build it up gradually.

Make sure there’s a focal point

While layers add depth, focal points add visual interest to the space. Every room needs a focal point, and while some naturally have one  (built-ins such as large windows or fireplaces), others require some extra work. If your new home wasn’t blessed with a natural focal point – don’t worry, you can easily create one.

Gallery  walls  filled  with  nicely  framed family photos are perfect for nurturing a sense of home, and they can make your home feel warm,  cozy,  and lived-in.  Other than wall art, you can also rely on other elements to draw the eyes. Feature walls, accent furniture pieces, and rugs  all  make  for  instant  focal  points  that  will  capture the attention, not to mention how they’re great conversation pieces.

Mix up the shapes

Gone  are   the   days  when all  furniture  pieces  came  in  sets. Nowadays,  it’s  all  about  mixing and matching furniture pieces while still retaining a sense of cohesiveness.

Since    many   bulkier   pieces   (sofas, shelving, cabinets)    are rectangular, one way to create balance is to incorporate some other  shapes  as well. Go for a round coffee table, mirror,  or a rug. It’ll help break up the monotonous look of rectangular and square pieces and prevent your room from looking too boxy.

Create a lighting scheme that’s cozy and welcoming

Although this is one thing buyers don’t usually think about   too much, it can make a world of difference in the way your new place looks  and  feels.  Good  lighting  can  help  create  a  welcoming atmosphere, make it easier for you to perform certain tasks, and improve the overall feel of the room.

To  get  it  right,  you’ll  need  to  incorporate  three  different  lighting  layers:  ambient, task, and accent lighting. Then, you’ll have to consider  the  location  of  the  lighting  fixtures  and  the  right  amount.   Finally,  you’ll  need  to  keep in mind the function of each room and select the light color temperature accordingly. When done right, a lighting scheme will ensure a functional, safe, and well-lit living space you’ll love coming home to.

Wrapping up

When  moving  in,  it  may  be  tempting  to  rush the decorating process  and  settle  in  more  quickly.  However, transforming a house  into  a  home  is a process that requires time, effort, and dedication. 

If  you  resist  the  urge  to  put  everything in place as quickly as possible  and  take  the  time  to decorate your new home while following these decorating rules, you will manage to create your dream  home  and  make  the  whole  decorating process worth your while.

About the Author

Lilly Miller is a freelance writer, who focuses on interior design, well-being and sustainable living. She loves to experiment  on  daring  new  home decor trends and write about it as a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. You can find her hanging out on  Twitter.

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