How to Deal With Moving in Bad Weather

by Kayla Keena

Moving day is stressful. Packing all your belongings without any damage or left-behind items can be hard to manage at once. Harsh weather can make moving extra challenging. Not only is driving to your new destination in poor weather difficult, but it also makes moving your belongings extra tedious. Here’s how to deal with moving in bad weather.   

Cover Your Belongings

If bad weather is in your future, be ready with protection options for your belongings. For items that need to stay dry and untouched by rain or snow, there are a few options for keeping them dry. You can always purchase coverings from a moving company such as mattress pads and industrial plastic covers. Or, you can utilize plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes and use items like trash bags and plastic wrap with durable packing tape.   

Prepare Your Old and New Space

Moving day requires a lot of foot traffic in and out of your old and new space alike. Before moving day, keep from tracking in mud or water by having towels, plastic carpet covers, or shoe covers ready.   

Wear Appropriate Attire  

Moving day can be arduous. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire such as warm clothes in the winter or rain boots on a rainy day. Since most of your items will be packed away, the need to stop for dry clothes or a warmer jacket can be extremely time-consuming. The more prepared you are to knock out packing, the quicker it will go.

Be Extra Diligent  

Rain, snow, sleet, and even gusty winds can be causes for disaster on moving day. Show extra caution with expensive or breakable items by providing extra layers of bubble wrap or waterproofing. Slippery conditions can make it easy for items to break or drop and a little water can easily ruin a beloved piece. Bulky items will also take longer to move from one place to another. Be extra diligent in moving these items by creating a clear and set plan before moving them from place to place and double-checking that the items are covered at every exposed angle before the move.   

Moving in bad weather can be hard. Items can get ruined and efficiency can be lost when adjusting to inclement weather. These tips for how to deal with moving in bad weather can keep you on track and your belongings safe.

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