Moving Out for the First Time: A Simple Guide

by Tom Wilkinson

Moving out for the first time is never easy, but it’s a vital part of growing up. Rather than avoiding the upcoming move, properly preparing for it will help you start the next stage of your life on the right foot. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and rookie moving mistakes, you need to prepare both yourself and your family for moving out. This may seem like a big project, but don't worry; if you start on time and do your research, you'll be able to tackle it without any issues. Here are our top tips to handle a first-time relocation.

Talking with the Family

Moving out for the first time is usually harder for the family then it is for the person who is moving. This isn’t really a surprise; if you've had a healthy family situation, your family is going to be sad that you are leaving. At the same time, they’ll be excited for you starting the next stage of your life! Before you move, set aside time to spend together. Talk about your future life and reassure them that they will be a part of it.  Once you do, they will likely be more than happy to help you out with moving preparations: it will give them more time to spend with you.


You should start preparing about a month before moving out for the first time. Start off by packing your possessions. First, sort your possessions, and then get all the moving boxes needed to pack them. Start packing yourself ten days before moving to make sure you have enough time and won’t be living in a warehouse for weeks. Packing is the most important part when it comes to the safety of your relocation. You should consider hiring a moving company to pack you. It is both safer and more efficient to hire professional packing services than to make a rookie packing oversight and cause a moving accident.

Hiring Movers

From planning your move to executing it, you will need professional help. Once you get into the process, you will realize just how many moving parts you need to deal with and how many mistakes there are to avoid. Do yourself a favor, and spend time looking for the right movers.

Moving Day

Once you have prepared your stuff and your family for relocation, all that remains is to deal with the moving day. This can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Follow our tips to reduce moving stress and make it all easier for you and anyone else involved.


Moving day will only be successful if you plan and organize it properly. Make sure you create and stick to a moving plan; this will help you create and stick to deadlines you need to make to keep your move efficient. The movers you hire to help you should go through the moving day with you. 

Get Enough Sleep

You can hardly expect to be industrious and organized if you do not get enough sleep the night before. Moving out for the first time can be quite stressful - you may have trouble falling asleep the night before. Make sure to get enough rest - stock up on chamomile tea or do some light exercise to tire you out; whatever helps you sleep. A good night’s sleep will do you a world of good come moving day.

Only once you transition from your old home to your new one will the change really sink in. Both you and your family will have some emotions to process once the dust settles, but that is okay. Keep in touch; talk with your family after you move out and remember to keep them updated. It’s normal to become homesick after a month or so; the closer you stay to your family, the better you will be able to adjust to all the new things that life has to offer. Good luck!

About the Author

Tom Wilkinson is a long-standing author for Dynamic Movers NYC. But, more than that, he is a father, creator and is dedicated to providing people with all the knowledge needed for a successful relocation. After years of working for different moving companies, he has accumulated substantial experience regarding the moving process. He now uses that experience to make moving easier for thousands of Americans that read his helpful guides and tips.

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