The Guide to Successful Remote Work for Real Estate Agents

By Emma Williams

Since remote work is so convenient, it is attracting the attention of an increasing number of people. If you work remotely, you have a lot of free time, you decide how to plan your day, when to make appointments, and when to relax. But in order for the work of a real estate agent at home to be productive, you need to take into account a number of useful tips. After all, there are more temptations at home compared to working in an office.

Workplace and Meetings

Your workplace should be comfortable, practical, and set you up for business. While having a home office is ideal, a computer desk and a comfortable, ergonomic chair will do just fine.

Visualisation is useful. For example, you can have a cork or magnetic board next to your desk to post photographs of the objects you are selling. You can also keep track of necessary information about the area the clients want to buy in, how many rooms, and what price range they have indicated. 

Thus, you will concentrate on what is really relevant at the moment, and minimize the risk of forgetting important details.

Appearance and Rest

Appearance has always been important for those working in an office. When working outside the office, a real estate agent does not have to completely switch to a carefree home mode.

Re-dressing from home clothes to work clothes will help tune in to the business wave. You can have special work from home clothes' that you will only wear when you get down to business. After all, it is very difficult to be productive and concentrated in pajamas or a crumpled T-shirt.

When you arrive for a meeting, you must look impeccable. If you are comfortable working in comfy clothes, then it is a great temptation to go to a meeting in something comfortable and  unassuming. However, a real estate agent must be neat and respectable, regardless of whether they are in the office or at home.

To look and feel good,  you need to get enough sleep. Otherwise, during telephone conversations or demonstrations of an object, your clients will see a boring, grey, expressionless person. You need to have a lot of strength to be energetic, active, and adequately respond to questions and requests from clients. Getting enough sleep will also help you be productive. You should give the impression of being a confident professional that they can trust.

Time Optimisation

The working day schedule is difficult to set on your own. It is a little  easier for employees in the office where their working hours are clearly defined. 

Plan your day. Effective time management when working remotely is essential. Mark in your day  planner or e-planner what you need to do during the day. Indicate when your working day begins and how long it will last. 

Set aside time for work and rest. Your routine should be thoughtful, comfortable, and productive. It is important to get enough sleep and eat on time. In addition, take breaks in the process of work, and note your rest times in your schedule.

Don't forget about non-working plans: if you promised your children to go to the zoo with them by all means on Friday, or agreed  to  meet  with  your  friend  exactly on Saturday, then try not to schedule business meetings for that day. Work shouldn't cloud your personal life.

Be sure that your family members know that during office hours, even though you are at home, you should not be distracted.


Communication with people is the most important aspect of real estate activity. How do you interact with clients and colleagues more effectively?

It seems that e-mail communication is slowly dying. It's too slow, too formal and not convenient, especially for real estate agents. You need to make sure that you communicate with your colleagues, employees, or clients in an efficient way. Use modern communication tools. Try to communicate through messengers, Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Find out what suits you best.

Be professional, friendly, and honest. After all, your main resource is your reputation. For example, don't be afraid to admit that you don't know the answer to a difficult legal question. Promise to consult with a lawyer and answer at the next meeting or by phone.

Give customers the opportunity to share their opinions and feedback. You can promote yourself on social networks and create your own website. Working on self-promotion and communication with clients online is an important part of your professional activity.

Hone your communication skills. A good real estate agent should not only understand the specifics of the real estate market, but should also understand how people interact, how to successfully negotiate, how to adapt to the client, and adjust your mood and condition.


Working from home is becoming a new normal. The world pandemic has taught us that we can do anything from home. The quality of a good professional in any field, including real estate, is the ability to adapt quickly. We are sure that with the help of these tips, you will easily succeed. Good luck!

About The Author

Emma Williams is  an Australian writer with a master's degree in business administration, with a special interest in the role of employee communication. As a matter of fact, she believes that a good employee app is the key to every business's success. When she is notworking, she is spending time in the small family cottage by the river.

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