Three Genius Ways to Sell Your House Fast

by Shaun Martin

In May 2020, over $250 million dollars worth of houses were sold in Denver. Interest rates and the supply of houses are low right now.  A seller’s market is encouraging, and there are many creative ways to sell your home!

Professionals agree you must come up with smart and creative ideas if you want to sell your house fast. Even with the uncertainty that's out there, there are ways you can turn these circumstances around and get a great offer. 

How do you stand out from the crowd? 

Many articles tell you to do these standard practices:

  1. Clean and declutter your home
  2. Set the right price
  3. Stage your home for potential buyers
  4. Use a professional photographer

We think these are a great place to start!   If you want to stand out, you will have to think outside the box. We have some new and creative ideas up our sleeves to help you sell faster!

“Personal touches that will help buyers connect with you and your house emotionally is the next level,” says Trish B, who sells homes in the competitive Denver market. If you want to get a great price and sell quickly you must draw the buyers in and create an attachment. You must help them see your house as their new home.  

How do you do that? Here are three genius ideas to turn lookers into buyers.

1. Tell Stories About Your House

"Facts tell, stories sell." That old adage still holds true. Chances are, you loved living in your home. Find a way to share those feelings towards it with your potential buyers.

Write a story about the time you've spent there. Include photos where you can. You can also record a video. If you aren’t comfortable doing the writing or photography - that’s ok! You can hire someone from a platform like Fiverr to help tell your story. 

When your Realtor hands prospective buyers a story about your house, they'll read your stories and look through your pictures. They will begin to imagine their lives in this home. 

2. Tell Stories About the Neighbors

Brag about your top-notch neighbors! For this idea, a video would work best.

First, talk to your neighbors. Explain that you want to sell your house, and since you think one of the major selling points of the house is them!  

Help guide your neighbors. Write a script if it helps them feel more comfortable. For instance, if Maria bakes fantastic chocolate chip cookies - ask if she'll bake some for the new family that moves in. Potential buyers will feel welcomed before move-in day arrives!

Interview as many neighbors as you can and choose the best 2-3 interviews to put in your video. Remember the idea is to connect, not look perfect!

3. Offer a Gift to the Winning Bidder

Let house shoppers know that the winning bidder will receive a valuable gift. While this tactic alone won't sell your house, the competition may motivate potential buyers to move fast and produce their best offers. Make the gift worth about $200-250. That will make the gift feel substantial and appreciative.

Try to make the gift as personal as possible. For example, you could hire a local artist to design something that fits the house or the neighborhood - Such as highlighting a local sports team. Gift cards are less personal, but can still be effective. If you go this route, get a gift card from a local highly-rated restaurant or attraction. Offer your buyers a few choices if you can.

4. Personalize, Stand Out, and Sell Your Home Quickly

If you are selling your house, then why not sell it quickly! If you were a buyer, what would make you see yourself in that space? What would make you feel welcome in your new home? 

Go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. Selling your house will be easier, and more fun if you try out some of these ideas.  

If you come up with your own genius ideas, please let us know. We would love to hear about them.

Good luck, and happy selling!

About the Author

Shaun Martin is a Denver-based real estate investor and the CEO of Watson Buys. We buy houses fast, at a fair price, and pay all the fees. Our process gives home sellers all the best options available. For example, if they believe they need to sell their house fast to stop foreclosure Watson Buys will highlight other possibilities like restructuring with their lender. The team at Watson Buys is dedicated to providing homeowners the best service in Denver. We can buy your house now so if you need to sell your house fast or have any questions check us out at

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