First NFT House Auction Covered Live by Go Home TV 

By R. Michael Brown

Dawn Pfaff and Nicole Wilbur, co-hosts at Go Home TV, discuss the first US Real Estate NFT and the live auction as it happened - covered live on Facebook by the Go Home TV crew.

The home, at 6315 11th Ave. S. in Gulfport, features five bedrooms and three and a half baths.

The Gulfport, Fla., house was auctioned on Thursday, February 10 during a 6.5 hour online event, with a starting price of $650,000 ( approx. 208 ETH [Ethereum]), through a partnership between real estate companies Propy and Heckler Realty.

Image courtesy of Heckler Realty Group

The winning bidder will get an NFT, a digital token that, in this case, will record that person's ownership of a limited liability company on an online ledger. The LLC's only asset is the house.

Amy Heckler, the real estate broker for the property and founder of Heckler Realty Group, said Propy told her that more than 7,000 people have signed up to potentially bid on the home.

Leslie Alessandra, the founder of a Tampa area-based blockchain company, DeFi Unlimited, who is the home's seller, told the Tampa Bay Times that she wanted to sell the house as an NFT to demonstrate the technology's capabilities.

Heckler said Alessandra approached her around three months ago about holding an NFT auction, which Heckler thought at the time was a strange request.

The auction happened as Go Home TV monitored it throughout the day. It didn't appear to get a lot of bids or other action and the final results were a total of 2 bids with the winning bid of 210ETH ($654,309.60).

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