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It's our mission to be the most member-driven MLS in the industry. The real estate pros who use My State MLS have always been at the core of everything we do - which is why we're so excited to introduce MLS Affiliate. Through our new program, we'll reward Affiliates for what they're already doing: using the best tools available and recommending those tools to their colleagues. Isn't it time your MLS paid you?

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Transcript: What is MLS Affiliate? - A Closer Look at The MLS That Can Make You Money


Dawn: Welcome everybody. It's Dawn and I'm here with the MLS Affiliate webinar today. MLS Affiliates, something we're really happy to you know, roll out to our members. You guys came here to learn how to make money as part of a membership with MyStateMLS, not just absolutely, yeah not just selling property because you're going to make money doing that but actually money from members dues. We share our members dues with our Affiliates, so we're excited to do that. 

 Question And Answer: 

 Dawn: I'm gonna start, we're gonna talk about what is MLS Affiliate? And we're gonna answer all your questions, why did we do MLS Affiliate? Very first reason that we did MLS Affiliate was to share revenue and members dues with our members, who love our product and want to tell other people about it and we want to reward them for doing it. So that's what MLS Affiliate is. You want to become an Affiliate? I'm here with Penny Diaz and she is a Realtor and she sells a lot of property but she's going to be running our MLS Affiliate program. So I wanted to introduce her to you guys and I also wanted to have her answer any questions, get to know you, and tell you a little bit about how our program works but I'm gonna take you back just a little bit. I'm gonna take you back to before we decided to do MLS Affiliate.  

 Dawn: I was talking to Penny and she was telling me about a friend of hers, whose kid signed-up to be a Coinbase Affiliate, at the very beginning of the Coinbase Affiliate stuff and this kid paid, what did you tell me he paid an income tax last year? 

 Penny: Oh, he was in the six figures.  

 Dawn: Yeah he paid you, I think you told me he paid $300,000 in income tax as a coinbase Affiliate which means, he made over a million dollars and he got in early and I'm not going to say that that was easy, He obviously knew a lot of people to recommend Coinbase to. You guys know what Coinbase is. It's how you can buy cryptocurrency, which we talk about here because Cryptocurrency has a great relationship with real estate. A lot of people are trying to figure out how to buy real estate with cryptocurrency. You guys, your members, you mean everything to us, you're at the core of everything we do and we want to share our revenue with you, If you recommend us to your friends and that's what MLS Affiliate is. So we're going to pay you a percentage of other members' revenue, people who you recommended and we're going to pay you that every month that they pay.  

 Dawn: So when you join MLS Affiliate, you get paid in recurring income and you get paid automatically to a debit card, through a system we call Pay Quicker and I'm going to give you an idea what some Affiliate programs are out there. There are some real estate brokerages who do this on a regular basis, EXP, I know Keller Williams does it. Many, many of the brokers have Affiliate programs. So basically when you recommend somebody and you bring them on board, you get a little piece of revenue and that revenue continues. So that when you retire, you have income for your retirement and you become part of the organization really, you know, as an Affiliate. So that's why we wanted to start this program.  

 Dawn: I'm going to go back to MLS Affiliate here. I want to ask why are we doing this? Just like all Real Estate pros, you know, your referrals are the core of our business. So a lot of you, you have your pipeline, you know who you're gonna call to get a listing, you know who you're gonna call to try to make a client. Well, you also have a pipeline for other agents, you know lots of other agents and that's the easiest thing to reach out to, you can reach out to the other agents in your office, any other agents that you might be co-broking with, or just people who you're friends with on social media. It's super easy to become an Affiliate in MyStateMLS. You join MyStateMLS and inside of it, there is a Affiliate dashboard and that's on the left hand side, it says become an Affiliate and all you have to do is click that. There's no cost to it right now, so all you have to do is click that and you will officially get your MLS Affiliate dashboard and you'll be able to share advertisements and little posts and information about MLS Affiliate. You'll be able to share information about MyStateMLS and let people know what it is and why they should join.  

 Dawn: And we made it super easy for you to do all this on Facebook and Linkedin. So when you're inside MyStateMLS, you'll easily be able to click links. So we're going to go to that Affiliate dashboard now, show you what that looks like, and on my screen, we have the Affiliate dashboard and right underneath Wilma Flintstone, we have all of our links, we have the cart, my listings, new listings, all the way at the bottom we have the Affiliate program dashboard, and If you click on that and you'll be able to see everyone who you recommended, who actually signed up and you'll also be able to copy your link to the clipboard. So up here where it says copy link to clipboard, you would copy that link and paste that link into your social media accounts, share that by email, you know, send that to a friend by text, you can do it any of those ways and when they click that link, they're going to become an Affiliate under you and when they pay, you're going to get a percentage of their membership dues for as long as they pay. 

 Dawn: All right now, I can see both Affiliates and customers. If you look here, I can see the Affiliate tab, now I just clicked over to the customer tab, and I can see all the customers who have signed up underneath either me or my Affiliates because I can have Affiliates under me, I have different levels. So these level ones, these are people I signed up but when someone's a level two, that's somebody that one of your Affiliates signed up. So when you sign up, not just members but people who also want to be Affiliates, you make money off of the people that they recommend. So there's quite a bit of revenue to be had here and it can help you in the slow times because everybody knows there's a slow season, we're coming into it in December, around the holidays and everyone needs extra money at that time.  

 Dawn: So this would be something that would keep you guys going, even If you didn't sell a house that month or you're just having a really slow time. We want to pay you automatically. So this is how you're going to get paid. When you recommend somebody and when you have commissions that you've earned, your money is going to go automatically into an account from a service we call Paid Quicker and that money is going to populate a bank account that you set up when you become an Affiliate and you're going to get a debit card and you don't have to use a debit card, you don't have to keep the money in that bank account, you can certainly get the money and move it to your own bank account but you're going to get paid a full 30 days of a month after a member joins. So let's say, you recommend somebody today in the middle of October. You'll be paid for that person at the end of November. So we go to the end of the month and then we need 30 full days or a full month and then you'll be paid for that person every month thereafter that they stay a member, so your commissions can build up quite a bit.  

 Dawn: Here's a guide to how the Affiliates get paid when you do a monthly sale. Let's say you recommend to a friend and they join for a monthly membership. You get a 40% of their membership fee. Quick Start bonus. So the very first month you get 40%, every month thereafter you get a recurring 20%, as long as they pay. Now, If they quit the MLS or you know, they retire, stop using it. Obviously, you will not get paid because you know their money is not coming in anymore but you'll still be paid on the people underneath them, If they were an Affiliate, as long as they paid and they were in your line, you get paid for them. If someone signs up for a yearly sale and these are the commissions that you would make on a yearly sale, 20% and that's a nice big hit on a yearly sale, that would fill your pipeline quickly. So It's nice to have the monthly sales because they recur each month and that fills your bank account but then It's really nice to every once in a while have those yearly sales for you, so that you can start making big money quickly.  

 Dawn: Now If you want to know where you can get this information inside MyStateMLS, you can get this information in your account and click on the information about Affiliate MLS Affiliate and in there you will be able to find this link to a brochure that has all of this information and it will answer a lot of your Affiliate questions and you want to know who can use MLS Affiliate? All of MyState members can become an Affiliate. Any person who's a MyState member, so If you're a broker, an agent, an appraiser, we have some attorneys who in their state where they're allowed to be brokers, they're allowed to become an Affiliate and just anyone who can access the MyStateMLS system but If you're also, let's say you're a real estate influencer and you have a big following on Instagram or you have a big following on Facebook or Linkedin, you can definitely become an Affiliate. If you have a real estate podcast or an investing podcast, you can become an Affiliate and these are all people that you guys, who are listening to this can recruit and If you're a real estate broker, you can recruit all your agents. 

 Dawn: Now MyStateMLS membership is $40 a month or you can pay $330 for the year but MLS Affiliate members eventually are going to have a $10 per month administrative fee, which we do not have now. It's waived for the early adopters. So If you get it now, you go into MyStateMLS, you click on become an Affiliate, there's no charge for you to become an Affiliate. When we do start charging that administrative fee? That $10 will just cover your bank account fees, which they'll be but they are waived now and you have no expenses at all. All you have to do is be a member of MyStateMLS, click the become an Affiliate. 

 Dawn: I want to talk about MyStateMLS because maybe there's some people here who don't really know what MyStateMLS is and maybe they want to know how they can explain what it is to their friends and people that they want to recommend. MyStateMLS is the Nationwide Multiple Listing service and I started it back in 2009, back in New York. I started as the NewYorkStateMLS, there is still the NewYorkStateMLS which we have but we've expanded that to MyStateMLS. MyStateMLS lets you list anywhere you're licensed. So I'm going to bring in Penny here. This morning, Penny listed an out-of-area listing. A listing that's not in her regular area where she works, where her local MLS is, she listed it It's about a two-hour drive from where her local MLS is. She put it in MyStateMLS this morning. 

 Penny: Yeah. 

 Dawn: Yeah and how long did it take you to get a call from a buyer? 

 Penny: 10 minutes.  

 Dawn: 10 minutes and how long did it take you to get a second call but that one was from an agent? 

 Penny: 25 minutes. 

 Dawn:  25 minutes. So to list and expand your territory to everywhere you're licensed, you do not have to sit in your little box. There's a lot of people who live on the edge of where their local MLS is and they want to list five minutes down the road in another MLS territory. Well with MyStateMLS, you don't have to worry about that, list anywhere you're licensed. So if you're licensed for the whole state and you have a friend who wants you to sell a piece of property for them, three hours from where you are and you know that area and you visit that area often because there's a lot of people with second homes in different areas. As long as you're competent for the area where you're listing, you can list that property and there's nothing stopping you, you're licensed for your whole state.  

 Dawn: There are people who are licensed in multiple states and those people can join and list in both states and you only need one account, If you have the same brokerage name in both states. If you have two different brokerages, one in let's say, New York and one in Florida and they're totally different names, you're gonna need two different accounts to list and you're gonna need that because you need to list the property under the name of the brokerage that has the listing. So that's pretty obvious but MyStateMLS lets you sell more property. Now I'm going to tell you about something I did. This last weekend, I listed a rental listing in Jupiter, Florida. Happens to be a property I own. I have gotten in four days, well over 100 leads and at least 10 of them would like to either buy or rent. So from one rental listing, I've got 10 good buyer leads, from one listing in MyStateMLS. 

 Dawn: Now you might be saying, well Dawn, how do I get all these rental listings? MyStateMLS, we're coming out with a product for Open listings, where you'll be able to list open listings in MyStateMLS and we will show you how to get those leads. So when you're telling people all about MyStateMLS and you're telling them why you use it and how it makes you money, we actually help you make money, not just MyStateMLS. We do constant education to help you make money. We want our members to make money, we want our members to succeed in real estate and so we give free education constantly and those are all ways that you can help recruit other members and make money as an Affiliate, by telling them that they will make money If they follow our advice.  

 Dawn: You can't just join and do nothing obviously but MyStateMLS gives you the tools that you need to get the leads that you need and I want to tell you a little bit about our Nationwide syndication and that's a good way of how we give you leads. You put your listing into MyStateMLS, we send it to 85 consumer sites, over 20 international sites, and this indication that we do for you. A lot of local MLS's do as well but we allow you to list property that a lot of other MLS's might not let you list. For instance, you're going to be able to list open listings and that's going to be a separate advertising product. That's what I'm talking about when I say, putting in rental listings.  

 Dawn: You could do that in every town and you can get hundreds of listings each week by doing that. We give you tons of tools, we give you a Nationwide property search in our Professional Search which is from Realtor.com, which gives you basically every listing in the country but It's not Realtor.com. You might say, well I have realtor.com. Professional search is listings and data on sold properties, on expired properties, tax records, ownership records, mortgage records, all the records that you need to do your job, is in that professional search tool and It's not available to the public, you cannot access it unless you are an MLS member and then we give you tons of support. We have an online chat, where you can come to MyStateMLS and you can chat with us. You can call us, we have an 800 number, we have staff monitoring emails, so we have extended hours, we monitor our emails on Saturdays and Sundays. So If you need help, a lot of people do most of their showings on Saturdays and Sundays but let's say, you know, you need to ask the MLS a question or something's happening, we do have staff on the Weekends that is there for you, which is important. we know you need that.  

 Dawn: So I want to answer questions now. If anybody has any questions at all.  

 Penny: I have a question.  

 Dawn: Sure. 

 Penny: If I'm going to do the Affiliate program, can I do just Florida or can I get Realtors and Mortgage people from any State in the United States?  

 Dawn: Well you're from originally New York. 

 Penny: Yeah. 

 Dawn: And then New Jersey. 

 Penny: Yeah. 

 Dawn: And you pretty much know everyone who lives on the eastern seaboard.  

 Penny: Yep.  

 Dawn: Right. Okay so, here's somebody who knows everybody and yes, you can recommend anybody. It doesn't matter where the real estate agent is. If you're a real estate influencer and you have people following you all over the country. Your Affiliates or customers that you get as an Affiliate, they can be located anywhere. That doesn't matter and If you have a big company and you have offices in multiple states, you can get your agents to sign-up and the other people in your office. So here's somebody who has NewYorkStateMLS, do I need to switch to MyStateMLS to become an Affiliate? No. If you're in NewYorkStateMLS, you are a MyState member. You don't have to switch. The software is the same. You can see the same listings. The only difference is the N and the M. If you're a NewYorkStateMLS member, you can definitely join MLS Affiliate.  

 Dawn: We are getting a question, what are the benefits of MyStateMLS membership? Great question. The benefits of MyStateMLS membership are you're officially a member of the Nationwide MLS. Which is a huge bonus, when you go on listing appointments. You get all the leads back from your listing. We don't sell leads. We're not like one of the other sites where you put your stuff and they sell your lead to somebody else. If someone inquires about your listing, that lead goes directly to you and we do generate quite a few leads for our members. You're able to list any property type. So let's say you're a commercial broker and you're in an MLS that's exclusively for commercial and I think you know who what those are and you want to list a residential property, you want to list your own house, your parents' house, whatever, you can go into MyStateMLS and you can list a house in MyStateMLS. 

 Dawn: Another benefit of MyStateMLS is, you can Opt-out of your local MLS. You don't have to. A lot of people like their local MLS. They want to keep it. That's fine, they can keep it but they add my student MLS as a marketing tool but there are some people who don't need their local MLS. They're in an office and their whole office has to join that local MLS. Well, now there's something called MLS of Choice and you can contact us and we will give you a Letter of Good Standing that you can then pass over to your broker and the MLS that they're in so that they can be in their MLS and you can be in MyStateMLS.  

 Dawn: Somebody wants to know where do they sign up? And If you're asking where do you sign up for MyStateMLS, you go to mystatemls.com, and right on the Home page there's a sign-up button right there and the pricing is right here. If you want an individual account, you can pay $40. If you want a yearly account, you can save $150 by paying $330, and If you have a huge office or a lot of people that you want to recommend and yes, you can do that as an Affiliate. We can do discounted office pricing for you as well. So If you want to become an Affiliate, you first have to be a member of MyStateMLS. You sign up for that and once you're inside MyStateMLS, you can see here on the blue bar, the Affiliate program dashboard. If I click on that, now I'm already opted into the Affiliate program and I can see the dashboard and I can see Ads that I can post on my social media. So I can easily share ads.  

 Dawn: If you want to opt-in, to be an Affiliate. Right on your wall, when you first log in there's notifications, there is a link to join MLS Affiliate. You just click that link. Opt-in. There's no cost, once you're a MyStateMLS member and you start sharing away. So and then the following month, after a full month has gone by, you just start getting paid automatically and people are asking me, where again on MyState site can I find the Affiliate link? Again, that's up here in the notifications, what we call our bulletin board. It says, make money while you sleep, join MLS Affiliate today, learn more and there's a link, you click that and that link will take you to a page to learn about MLS Affiliate and If you scroll down just a little bit, there's a join now button and there's a learn more button. So that's a way you can sign up for MLS Affiliate. 

 Dawn: Someone's asking If I am a member of a local MLS in New York, am I a member of MyStateMLS. No. MyStateMLS is its own separate MLS and If you're a member of your local MLS, you are not automatically a member of MyStateMLS. We are a separate marketing tool for you, we're an additional marketing tool, we can be an MLS for you, If you need to like, let's just say this particular person, I won't say the name of the MLS, and let's say they want to drive up the throughway and list a property in New Pulse because let's say, they have one or they have family and New Pulse. They don't have to go up to New Pulse to join that local MLS, they can join MyStateMLS and they can list that property in MyStateMLS and as Penny has said, how many minutes did it take you to get a call from a buyer, directly to your phone?  

 Penny: 10 minutes. 

 Dawn: 10 minutes. Okay, so listing a property in MyStateMLS will get you calls from buyers, they'll go straight to you, you will get calls from other agents as well, we do exist for cooperation and compensation between members but I would say our hallmark is direct leads to listing agents and an easy way to prospect and an easy way to start off in real estate. Let's just say you're new to real estate and you're like, Oh my god. I don't know where to start. You're just going crazy, you're like, I have absolutely no idea. I got my license. I paid all this money to become a realtor and now I have absolutely no idea how to get my first listing or to get my first buyer to get my first sale. Well, you come to MyStateMLS webinars like this one and I'm about to give you a secret hint that we are going to be doing and we're rolling this out fairly shortly, we're rolling out an advertising product, which will be separate from your regular membership but it allows you to get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of leads that you would not have normally gotten and we're going to teach you how to do that. That's a little tease for our next webinar or we actually have a podcast coming out, where we talk about that quite a lot.  

 Dawn: We want to teach you how to make money because your success, is our success. We want you to make money. Oh, this is a nice comment. This isn't really a question but I really appreciate this. It says NewYorkStateMLS is so, with a lot of o's, much better than jumping through hoops at the local MLS. All their crazy regulations are ridiculous. Much appreciated MyState. Thank you so much. It's so nice to hear. We do not fine you. Penny's been in a local MLS for a long time because she was in an MLS long before MyState became a Nationwide MLS. If you don't list into your listing within 24 hours, what's the fine? I think It's $2500 for most down. 

 Penny: I think it is too. Yes, that's crazy. 

 Dawn: It's an insane amount of money. We do not do that. We treat our members like adults, that they are responsible licensed individuals and everybody makes mistakes and we do have rules that you have to follow but we reach out to you. We help you follow those rules. We come to you with kindness. We teach you what to do. We know a lot of people are new here and a lot of people need advice, so you can turn to us and we'll help you out. We'll teach you how to get business. We'll teach you how to get leads. We'll teach you how to make money. So just come to our webinars, join our channel on youtube, watch our podcast, you'll learn how to make tons of money If you watch our podcast. We're doing a how to make money podcast in real estate, we're doing a segment called ask dawn, where you can ask me anything and i'll answer it.  

 Dawn: Oh someone says, joining NewYorkStateMLS definitely added to my business brand and it says, It's definitely added to my business brand, adding millions of deals outside of my MLS. I really, really appreciate that, Montel. Thank you so much for saying that and you have no idea what this means to me. I started NewYorkState almost in 2009 as a cause because I was treated not well by my local MLS. I was in 10 of them. I was an appraiser. I worked upstate. I had to belong to every MLS between Manhattan and Albany and it was insane money. So I started this just as a cause, I got a $150 fine. That's the reason I started NewYorkStateMLS, then I started MyStateMLS a few years ago, we expanded because we realized everybody's having the same problems. Everybody has you know, their MLS ends, and then they have to join another MLS, another MLS, and another MLS. Now they're paying for 10 MLS's just to work in their service area because of maybe where they live, right in their state. So it means so much to me to know that you like this product and that It's made a difference in your life and you know you've made money from it and that's important to me. So I truly thank you and appreciate every single member who sees the vision.  

 Dawn: Somebody's saying is this product in oregon? Yes, it is. It works in all 50 states. We have members in all 50 states. A lot of our members are still members of their local MLS, some of them aren't because there's actually areas in the country, they don't have an MLS, they're so rural that they actually didn't have an MLS until MyStateMLS came along and now they use MyStateMLS as their MLS. Auctioneers use MyStateMLS to list auctions. Manufactured Housing Community, Owners, Dealers, and Salespeople list Manufactured Homes in MyStateMLS because they're not allowed in other local MLS's and that's affordable housing, which we are huge on. We want everyone to have good access to affordable housing. So we feel that It's very important for our MLS to be inclusive and allow all types of housing and anything that gets somebody into a safe, clean, affordable home is welcome on MyStateMLS.  

 Dawn: All people are saying that they like having the extra resource to post listings. We have somebody who said they are expanding from New York to Florida. I do that, I have a license in both States. I'm a broker in both New York and Florida, same corporation name, so think about that. If you're a broker, that's important but If you're just licensed in both States, yes. You can be a member of MyState and you can put your New York listings in, Florida listings in, as long as you give us a copy of both your licenses. Yes, you can list anywhere you're licensed. I have somebody who's licensed in all 50 states. Now he's an appraiser, he says like Nationwide appraisals but we do have brokers who live on like, three and four state lines, like tri-state and pod state areas, where the only way for them to make money is to be licensed in all of the states, where they can drive to within a half hour. So they join MyState because otherwise, they would have to join five different MLS's and that works for them.  

 Wrap Up: 

Dawn: And I just, I really appreciate all these comments. I mean these comments are fantastic, they make me feel so good, people are saying how much they love MyState and NewYorkState and so, I just want you guys to know I appreciate you. I appreciate everybody who adopted NewYorkStateMLS and MyStateMLS and If any of you ever need anything, you can always email us at office@mystatemls.com and If you have any questions for me, askDawn@mystatemls.com because If you do the ask Dawn, ask me any questions on how can I make money. I'm stuck, I can't get listings, what can I do? I don't know how to value this property? Dawn's an appraiser. Dawn's going to help you value that property. I have sat with our members, with a screen share and done Comps for them because I knew the area and basically showed them how to use the CMA and built a whole appraisal for them. We have that software built into MyStateMLS and we have tons of videos. We want to teach you how to use all of our tools and that's the most important thing. You got to learn how to value property If you're a real estate agent or broker. So we want to help you do that, If you're new and you don't know how to value property, we're here for you.  

 Dawn: So thank you so much, everybody. I'm just going to leave it right here. AskDawn@mystatemls.com. You can always send any questions to office@mystatemls.com or chat with us. Our agents are online and like I said, we have extended hours. So thank you for coming here. I really appreciate.

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