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The Slow Season

Although the "slow season" can be spooky, our members see the winter months for what they really are; an opportunity to help buyers and make their listings stand out in a less crowded market. Watch our session now to learn the best ways to market your (non-haunted) listing, how to keep your spirits lifted, tips to avoid being ghosted by buyers, and where to find off-market listings that are ready to come back from the dead.

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In this session, we cover the best ways to turn the slow season from a trick into a treat. Watch the on demand webinar, then click below to register for more webinars or join the MLS that gives you more for your money. 

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Selling Real Estate in the Slow Winter Season


Dave: Hello and welcome to StateListingsInc. The home of MyStateMLS, NewYorkStateMLS and the brand new LaStateMLS. My name is Dave and thank you for joining us for today's webinar where we are talking about not getting spooked by the slow season.

Dave:  Halloween just around the corner, I carved my pumpkin last night, still haven't decided what I'm going to be for Halloween. I don't even know if I'm going to go out of the house on Halloween, I don't know but thank you so much for joining us today. 

Question And Answer:

Dave: Let's talk about what is the spooky slow season? Well, we all know it usually happens in the winter months, right now it's fall, temperatures already starting to drop. So we start to see and we view the winter months as that slow season, especially for those in the northern states. I'm here in New York, so usually when winter hits, snow comes around and people are not going around and checking out houses as much as they do during the other seasons of the year and this year is a little bit different and everything's just a little extra tricky, due to covid-19, the coronavirus because again, it has really shaken up the real estate world as to what's going on with real estate transactions but in a way, what has been so tricky is actually been a treat for a lot of different real estate brokers across the entire country because we have seen a large growth actually in real estate sales this year, over last year just to what's going on in the world around us. 

Dave: So now is definitely not the time to hibernate when it comes to the slower months, as we approach the slow season. Starting around now and that could go all the way through maybe February, March and then once spring hits, we usually know that's when things start to pick back up but that's not what we're talking about today, we're talking about how you can stay focused, moving forward and continue to be successful in these next few months. 

Dave: So let's start things off by saying, don't fear the slow season because slower does not necessarily mean dead, there are absolutely transactions still happening today and for you as real estate professionals, that means there are definitely opportunities abound, whether it is about listing new homes, helping buyers find new homes, there are definitely a lot of opportunities out there for you to continue with your real estate business and be as successful as you are in the summer as you are in those colder winter months and let's face it there is absolutely no rest for the wicked when it comes to real estate, this is a 24/7, 365 business, we all know it and the slow season is certainly not a time for us to be slowing down as professionals. 

Dave: Usually people will look at the slower months as just being all disadvantages, as just being it's slower, there's no business, people are not buying but in a way there really are benefits and that's what I want to take a look at today and talk about, are the benefits that you can be taking advantage of as we approach the slower season in the next few months. 

Dave: So first benefit, typically, there's less inventory, the same could hold true now. Again, this season is going to be slightly different than the slower seasons that we've seen in the past just because of the Coronavirus, so we've seen that the real estate market has been incredibly hot for the past few months, pretty much since lockdown started across the country, social distancing started, we saw a big uptick in real estate transactions and a lot of people moving to different areas, relocating because of work, a lot of things have happened with real estate, either with inventory being low, demand being high, a combination of both, and has certainly led to a very hot market in recent months and as we approach the winter months, we might see less inventory and how is that a benefit? Well, for you as an agent and working with sellers, that means their house is not going to have much competition. So that means they can either get a great price for their home, they could be seeing a lot of offers on their home, and because of that, buyers are certainly going to be competitive. People still have to move, just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean everyone starts to hibernate, people are still having to relocate for jobs, people are having to move for different careers, it happens, people are downsizing, let's face it. Here in New York, where do most New Yorkers go around this time of the year? They're moving down to Florida. So buyers are certainly still looking for houses and that's all stuff we're going to talk about in just a little bit. 

Dave: What are some of the other benefits? Well, as we approach the winter months, we approach the holiday season. What are home buyers doing? What are families doing? They're taking vacations, they're spending more time at home, they're not being at the office as much and when that happens, that's when you get those buyers starting to do more home searches online than they normally would because you know, they're at work nine to five, they're with the kids from five to eight, then by the time everyone's in bed, they just want to sit on the couch, binge-watch their favorite shows and then go to bed but now they've got a little extra free time, they may be doing more home searches than ever before, so it's important for you as an agent to get your seller's homes on there for them to see. 

Dave: Buyers are also thinking about taxes. As the end of the year, they may be looking for some tax incentives, they want to have a write-off, a big write-off for the end of the year, for when they file their taxes in April. So buyers may be thinking about making that bigger purchase at the end of the year, which could include a property whether they're looking for an income property, they're buying a second home, there are buyers out there that are thinking about that when it comes to looking for a home, they're looking to make sure they're closed by December 31st. 

Dave: Another benefit right now, are the surprising interest rates and incentives that are going on. One of the biggest things that we've seen from the Coronavirus over the past six, seven months, have been the drop in mortgage rates, in interest rates, a lot of people refinancing but a lot of people also taking advantage of those lower interest rates and buying their home. Especially first-time homebuyers, now that there's these lower monthly rates that they can take advantage of, those first-time homebuyers who never thought they'd be able to buy a home, are finding that they can get into a house and be paying less than they were for the apartment that they've been in for the past three years.

Dave: So a lot of good has come out of that and you can continue to ride that wave as those interest rates are still low and you can get those buyers into homes now, while those rates are still at a very low rate, where they have never thought they'd be able to buy before and one of the last benefits is, this is going to allow you to focus on the needs of your customers and clients. Again like we said, Real Estate is a 24/7, 365 business and during the peak months, those peak season months, when you are running around non-stop, going to showings, meeting with clients, meeting with potential customers, you are just going all over town working with dozens and dozens of clients. As things slow down, you may not have as many customers and clients that you're working on at that specific time. So that's a benefit to you because now you're gonna be able to take the time and put more attention towards the customers and clients that you're currently working with. You're not being spread so thin, so now you've got some time to go ahead and focus on the customers that you're currently working with. 

Dave: So let's talk about buying and selling. Like we said, there's definitely some advantages right now during these slower seasons. So let's take a look at both sides of the coin. So when it comes to tips for selling, one of the biggest things is going to be highlighting the winter features because again, we can't show off the swimming pool, we can't show off the backyard, the leaves are all bare, the grass is not green anymore, it's brown, it's just dead. So the yard may not be the appealing feature of the home at this particular moment in time. So showcase some of the other things that make a home so great. If there are nice cozy fireplaces, make sure you're showing those off in your listing photos, if there's a hot tub, make sure you're talking about that, if there's radiant heating, heated floors, those are huge sellers because when people are thinking about those cold winter months, they want to make sure they are nice and cozy once they move into their next home or you know what, the snowblower is included with the house. That's a huge selling feature right there, easy to shovel driveways, things like that. Make sure you're talking about this property as it relates to these winter months, especially here in the northeast. The northern states where they do get snow, we always say, oh the washer and dryer included, that's great. Well that snowblower that's in the garage, that self-propelled snowblower, that's going to keep your driveway nice and clear that you won't have to break your back, that comes with the house too. That's an awesome feature, just you know what, you even convince the homeowners to say you know what, you can always buy another snowblower but just leave that one that's here, leave it here for the next donors, and right like I said, the yard may not be the most appealing part of the house right now. So photos are going to be more important than ever. Usually, when it comes to putting your photos on your listing, we always try to make sure that you're putting the correct photos that are correct to that season. So when springtime comes and it's summer, we don't need to see the pictures that were taken in December, January that have the snow-covered yard, so make sure you're keeping your photos up to date but right now as we're in this kind of awkward season, you know when you grow out your hair and there's always that awkward stage of your hair whether it has too much volume, it's not laying correctly. I've got this cowlick in the back of my head, so when my hair is too short, the back will always stick up no matter what. We always have that awkward portion of our hair when we grow it out, the same thing holds true when we think about outside. We've got fall, so as we approach fall, the leaves change color and after a while, the leaves fall. So it's no longer leaf-peeping season, it's just naked tree season. So that's not as appealing as having nice pictures with oranges and yellow leaves on the trees, so you got to make sure you time your photos properly, make sure you've got really nice photos and if you need to, mix in some of the summer photos just to showcase that property. So yes, the backyard, the pool is covered, the trees are bare not exactly the most appealing photo, so go ahead and maybe sprinkle in a picture of what that backyard looks like when it's July and the trees are full of leaves. the pool is open. the nice flamingo float is floating in there. Showcase both sides of that home and really showcase what makes it really good.

Dave:  And as I said before, if you've got fireplaces and hot tubs in the home, show how warm and welcoming that fireplace lit inside that living room is going to look. If you can have that fireplace lit when you take your photos, absolutely make sure that's going because that really does add to the appeal of the home when it comes to buying. So like we said before, there may be less competition when it comes to buying a home, not many people are buying but that may be the perfect opportuniy to really negotiate a good price and make a solid deal when it comes to buying a house. Again, this is a double-sided coin, there's going to be less inventory, so homeowners know what they've got but homeowners may be ready to move to Florida, they need to get out as soon as they possibly can. So this may be the perfect opportunity for buyers to go in and get the price of a lifetime on their next dream home because sellers are ready to make a deal.

Dave: In addition, buyers are also going to have the ability to go ahead and see if their next home is weather ready, is it warm, even though it's the dead of winter, it's cold and windy, it's snowing outside. This is when you can go up, you can put your hand in front of those windows, along the window sills, see if there's any breeze coming in, see if that house is properly insulated, see if there's a nice seal around those windows, this is the perfect time to check and see if that home is winter ready, It's ready to withstand those cold winter months. And another thing that we may see, unfortunately, during these slower winter months is, we might get ghosted by our clients, they may just disappear, they may stop responding to us but that doesn't mean you should give up on them, doesn't mean you should stop thinking about them as potential clients. So what you got to make sure is, that you're still using a CRM to remain in contact with your customers and your clients. Find out what they're up to, see if they're still interested in buying, if you haven't touched base with someone in six months, why not see where they're at now?

Dave: You should never give up on a customer after not hearing from them, always touch base, keep notes, if you've got a good CRM, you've got the ability to keep notes on them, when was the last time you spoke with them, what did you talk about? Even if you don't have a CRM, you're not paying $20-$30 a month for a CRM software, you can just use something like Google Calendar and just set reminders for yourself three months from now, six months from now, and just create a calendar event and say, hey, touch base with Tim and Mary. See what they're up to. See if they're interested in buying now, they weren't before. 

Dave: There are easy ways for you to just keep a log of all the customers that you've worked with, so you can remain in contact with them throughout a long period of time. You could also think about sending out mailers saying, hey, we're still thinking about selling homes just because it's getting colder, doesn't mean that the market is getting cold. Now is the time to sell, now is the time to buy. And in fact, you can remind those sellers that there is no better time right now, just because of all the things that we've talked about. We've talked about lower interest rates for mortgages, we've talked about how the season has been bigger than it has been in years previous, because of all things the Coronavirus. There was a recent study throughout the month of September, Real Estate transactions were about 25-30 percent from the year previously and a lot of that is due to those lower interest rates, people moving due to the Corona virus, so now may still be a good time for sellers to think about selling their home, whether they're thinking about relocating, they're thinking about downsizing, now could be the best time and we may even want to help those looking for some warmth and what do we mean by that? 

Dave: We're talking about those relocating customers and those snowbirds looking to find their winter home. There's no denying it. Like I said here in New York, most New Yorkers all end up in Florida at some point in their life especially, as they look for retirement. They all look to go down and get a second home in a warmer climate, they just move down to Florida and just leave uproot entirely but a lot of families do look for that winter home but you can help them find that next home, you can also assist your relocating customers and by doing that, you're going to be able to collect referral fees. Especially now as we said before, you may not have as many clients and customers that you're having to spread yourself so thin, so you may have time to work with these special cases, where people are looking to move to a different area, people are looking for a second home, maybe they're not looking for a winter home, maybe they're looking for a ski home in Colorado. Whatever it is, you can help those relocating customers find that home and you could potentially collect a referral fee on that just by helping them search for homes and we'll talk about how that works in just a little bit. 

Dave: If you find yourself with some downtime, there are certainly things that you can do to help yourself throughout these spooky slower season. Frst thing that you could do is, focus on your marketing. Maybe what you want to do is, work on your Social Media presence. We've done numerous webinars over the past few months about your Social Media presence. If you haven't created a Business Facebook page for your brokerage or if you don't have an Agent Page, maybe now is the time to launch that Professional Facebook page, so you can start sharing listings and gathering followers on social media. So you can start sharing listings as you get those in the coming months, come next year, you've already got a nice base of followers to see those listings, to see all your hard work, once things begin to pick back up again next spring. 

Dave: You could also start taking out Ads in preparation of next year. We talked about doing mailers. Now is the best time to start making yourself known to other people. Yes, people may not be interested in selling right now but there may be homeowners out there that are considering selling next year. Take out Ads, send mailers, do paper Ads, do print Ads, do online Ads. If you've got the budget and marketing to do it now in these slower seasons, now may be the best time for you to do that. You could also consider going back to school and what we mean by that is, taking CE courses. We're getting close to the end of the year, depending on your State Real Estate laws and regulations, you may have to get all your CE done by the end of this calendar year. So now is the best time, if you haven't already, if you haven't done it while you are doing social distancing, take those CE courses, get all those required courses out of the way. 

Dave: If you still have some extra time, take those additional classes, take other ones that allow you to get a certification in other specialties, like being able to do BPOs or knowing more about the inspection process. So go ahead and take those CE courses, just to broaden your horizons, so you have a better understanding of the real estate business and the whole real estate world and speaking of that, you could also go ahead and take a look and analyze your local market trends. Take a look at what's happened in your area over the past three, four, five years. So this can help you understand what's going on in your local market, maybe you'll pick up on something saying, oh it looks like every year in the month of March, the number of listings shoots up every single year. Use that to your benefit and use that to your advantage and when you start going on listing appointments in January and February, you can show these statistics to your potential sellers and say, look at all these houses that go on the market in March and all of them were sold by May. You know these are huge things that you can present to your potential clients, so analyze your local market trend, see what's going on, see what's hot, see what kind of listings are very popular, find out what the age range of buyers are, you may see in your area that the younger generation is now coming up and getting into the home buying mode and a lot of younger buyers are now moving in and buying houses. So that gives you the ability to maybe market yourself towards that younger generation, to show that you're the agent that they should be going with. 

Dave: So there are so many different options there when it comes to analyzing your local market trends. You could also just like I said, analyze those trends, you're going to start marketing yourself for next year and now it's time for you to go out and maybe try to find next year's listings. So we're going to market yourself now, you're going to do those mailers, you're going to do some Ads online, telling homeowners that next year 2021 is going to be the time to sell, you're the agent that they should be going with or you know what, you can start doing searching for off-market listings. What mean by that is going back and look at the historical listings for your area. See what listings expired, see which ones stale, see which ones did not sell but haven't popped it back up on the market yet. Those are prime and ready to go because we know that those sellers obviously wanted to sell their home at some point and it looks like they maybe they had it listed for too high of a price, they needed to paint the walls, they needed to update the kitchen, they needed to do something but they just haven't done it yet. The listing never sold, so why not look for those off-market listings and turn those into brand new listings for 2021, that you can sell and get on the market. 

Dave: So these are all different tips and tricks that I hope you can take home with you today and start putting forward into the fall months, into the spooky slow season but we're here at MyStateMLS and we're here to help you, just as much as you can help yourself and if you're not familiar with MyStateMLS, we are a Nationwide listing platform that works in any state and provides a Nationwide search tools and exposure for your listings. Whether you're listing in New York, California, Oklahoma, Mississippi, wherever you're located, you can utilize MyStateMLS to give your listings Nationwide exposure and be able to search Nationwide for your customers and what I'm going to do real quick and I just want to jump into MyStateMLS, just so we can kind of talk about some of the things we had just discussed moments ago. 

Dave: The first thing I talked about was, helping those homeowners that are relocating those customers, those clients, moving out of state, looking for a second home. What can you do? Is well you can search those homes for them. So if you're working with someone, they're selling their house locally but they said you know what, we're actually not going to stay in the area, we're actually moving. So instead of just saying well, good luck on that search, why not say, well, you know what? I can help you with that search. Come over to my office and we can search for homes. 

Dave: What we can do is, we can use a very powerful tool called Access Find. I'm going to grab it from my left hand sidebar menu here and what this is going to do is, this is going to pull up a tool called Professional Search and what Professional Search is, this is a tool powered by Realtor.com but what it does is, while it looks like Realtor.com on the surface, underneath the covers is where it's very powerful and it includes historical data, tax record information, historical photos, and a bunch of other different information that you cannot necessarily get from just going to the public version of Realtor.com. So this is a Professional Broker Agent version of Realtor.com that you can only get access to through an MLS like MyStateMLS. 

Dave: So I'm going to do is, I'm going to jump in and let's just take a look at the villages in Florida. So again, I'm in New York, I'm not in Florida. However, what I can do is if I've got a homeowner that's selling their house here, they're looking to move to Florida. What I can do is I can go through here and we can find a house for them, even though I'm not licensed in this State. So if I want, I'm going to click for sale, I can do my price range of 150 to $175,000. You know, they want to bank what they most of the money that they got from selling their house, so they just want to buy something right out. Once we find something that looks good to them, like I said, I can bring them over to my office, we can do a screen share, I can put it up on the big screen inside the meeting room, at the conference room at my office. If they're social distancing, they don't wanna, they can't come to the office. I can do a screen share, they can sit at their home, I can sit here at my office, I can be at my home and I can do a screen share, we can do is, we can look at each one of these listings individually, we can open up all these listings, see all the photos, just like we would with a traditional MLS listing or just going to regular Realtor.com. 

Dave: However like I said, we can scroll down to the bottom and we can do is, we can actually see historical information about this property. So here I can see that it was sold back in 2000 for $83,000, sold again seven years later for 150. Hasn't been on the market, looks like it was sold in 2009 and hasn't been put back on the market for about 11 years. Depending on the listing that we're looking at. We may even be able to pull up historical photos as well. So here's a listing, we can see it's been listed a couple times throughout the year, looks like they first listed it in January, they listed it again in April, then in July and just recently in October and what's cool about this, is we can see that the agent Chris Day, has pretty much been the sole listing agent for this property for the past year but we can see that since January, this price has dropped $40,000. 

Dave: So me as a agent working with the buyer, I can now see this trend for this house and see that the homeowners are still having trouble selling it, they've already dropped it 40 grand. Could I get them down to say 335? It's worth a shot. We know that it's been on the market for a year, the homeowners know that they've been struggling, they still haven't sold it. So properties like this, we can see that's historical record information and like I said, this is also a great tool if say, a house was sold last year for $50,000 and now suddenly it's on the market for $350,000. If we can look into it, we can see that the historical photos would show us what it looked like when it was sold for $50,000 and It'll be quite obvious that the house was completely gutted, completely rehabbed, and that's why there was such a big price difference from when it sold then versus, when it is now on the market.

Dave: Let's go back to our original listing and we see the homeowners, my current customers say, you know, we love this house. We'd love to see it. Well because we're in Professional Search, I can see the name and the direct phone number for the listing agent or agents that represent it. So we can see Debbie Woods and Ronald Stoltz represent this property. So what I can do, is I can just go ahead, I can give them a call like I said, their direct number is right there like I said, hey, this is Dave. I'm in New York. I've got some customers, they're actually moving down to the Villages, they want to retire down there. I'd love to send them your way, can I send you a referral agreement? Debbie and Roland not wanting to turn away customers, not going to want to turn away a sale, they're absolutely going to want to go ahead and get my business, get my customers business. 

Dave: So I'm going to say, all right, absolutely. I'll get down, I'll get their email and I'll send them over a referral agreement. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to go back to my MyStateMLS account, click on My Resources and Forms Page and I'm going to be able to pull up this Agent Referral Form and with this, I'm going to be able to send, was it Debbie and Ronald, I'm going to be able to fill out this whole form, send my clients information and at the very bottom is the Agent Agreement Details. Here it's going to say, I'm going to collect a Referral Fee, whether it's a percentage, a flat dollar amount. Once Debbie and Ronald make a sale with my customers, my clients. 

Dave: So I'm going to fill it out, they're going to fill it out, we're all going to sign it, I'm going to say, all right. here's my clients information. They're going to be down next week. I wish you the best. My customers go down there, they meet Debbie and Roland, they show them around town, they sell them a house, Debbie and Roland now get their commission from selling the property, and then what they do, is they then send me a check because I essentially refer them their customers, so I get get to collect my referral fee. 

Dave: We can do the same thing like I said, it doesn't have to be, people are not just looking for summer homes, people are also looking for those winter homes, they're looking for ski-towns, they're looking for something in the mountains. So we can do the same exact thing in Aspen, Colorado. I could pull up a listing say, look I can see the Thomas Carr is the listing agent, there's his phone number. Hey Thomas, I've got a couple here in New York, they're looking for a nice place to go skiing, nice place to live, saw some of your listings online. Can I send you a Referral Agreement? Again, Thomas not wanting to turn away business, he's absolutely going to want that. I fill out that Referral Agreement again and I send him my customers and he helps them find their next ski home and then I get to collect my referral fee once that transaction is complete.

Dave: The last thing that we can do while we're looking at Professional Search is again, looking for those old listings, those stale listings, those off market listings and reaching out to those homeowners when it comes to listing their house in the future. So what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna click off market or I'm gonna click expired here and I'm gonna be able to see listings that have fallen off the market in the past 30 days. If we needed to, we can change that range and we can do is, we can slowly just start sifting through all of these different listings. We're going to do is, we're going to make sure that we look through the listings and it does take some legwork but this is the price we have to pay to try to find new business but in the end it can help pay itself off. 

Dave: We're going to see that this listing is off-market. What we can do is, we can scroll down and we can see whether or not it sold or whether it expired. So it looks like this one actually did sell but what we would want to do is just continue looking through the listings, find properties that didn't sell but actually expired or just taken off the market, there withdrawn and while we're not going to be able to pull up the owner's email or phone number through the system. We can see here the owner's name and obviously, we have the address of the property here as well. So maybe, what we're going to do is, we're going to do things the old-fashioned way. We're going to send out mailers. Saying, hey Mr. Mrs. Kaufman, we saw that your listing was on the market last year but still has not sold. I want to tell you why I'm the agent that can help sell your home. 

Dave: You send them a mailer to their home. If you feel like knocking on the door, knock on the door but again, we've got some basic information about them and we can look for those off-market properties and those listings that expired through the Realtor.com, Professional Search and using that Referral Agreement to send our relocating customers to agents anywhere in the country and be able to collect a referral fee once those customers buy their new home. 

Wrap Up:

Dave: So with that said like I said, MyStateMLS is a Nationwide MLS and Listing platform and Referral network, which works in any State in which you're licensed and gives you Nationwide exposure plus, Nationwide search tools to be able to grow your business more than ever before. Not only are those the benefits, we also have monthly and yearly billing options. With monthly membership it's just $40 a month, yearly is $330. With monthly billing, there's no long-term commitments and you can cancel at any time. Yearly billing is gonna save you a hundred and fifty dollars over that monthly price by committing to that full year. We also have discounted Office rates as well, which gives entire firms and brokerages the ability to give MyStateMLS to all of their agents at a greatly discounted bundled price. 

Dave: If you have any questions about MyStateMLS or office pricing, please send me an email at dave@mystatemls.com. You can also give me a call at 888-769-7657. Like I said, with office pricing, the firm will pay a discounted bundled rate and all the agents within the company get MyStateMLS to do Nationwide searching, Nationwide exposure on their listings and in fact, it can be a great selling tool as well, to let your customers, your clients know why they should be going you as a MyStateMLS member. 

Dave: One question that we often get is, if you're licensed in multiple states, you can still use MyStateMLS. If you're licensed within multiple states with the same company, you can associate all of those licenses with just one account, you do not have to pay for multiple accounts, you can just pay for one low price. Whether it's $40 a month or $330 for that full year. You'll be able to take advantage of that and have all of your licenses under one account as long as you're licensed with the same company. Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at dave@mystatemls.com or give me a call at 888-769-7657. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about MyStateMLS. Our system, our platform, the benefits or if you're interested in that office pricing I'm here to help as well. Alright, thank you so much and have a Spooky day.

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