The True Value of Drip Emails

And How to Set Them Up

In 2018, we announced the arrival of our Drip Emails feature, and it’s still one of the most valuable tools available to our members. Why am I such a huge fan? One simple reason: with just thirty seconds of work, this feature can bring you thousands of dollars in commissions with no additional effort on your part.

When a potential buyer tells you they’ve decided to wait on buying a home or an open house attendee says they’re not ready just yet, do you write them off as no longer a lead? Do you follow up? When and how frequently? How much time do you spend setting reminders in your calendar, then going through and contacting old leads?

Our top users are able to automate that follow-up. They say, “Okay! Why don’t we talk about what you’re looking for eventually. I’ll set up a search that will email you every time a house you might like hits the market. That way, you’ll get a feel for what’s out there, and you won’t miss your dream home.” Then, they put that potential buyer’s criteria into a saved search, set up drip emails, and wait! 

Will every one of those leads turn into a buyer? Of course not. People change their plans all the time. However, the “set it and forget it” ability of drip emails means that you can stay in contact with many more buyers without much effort on your end. If you called 50 cold leads in a day, you might find one or two new buyers - but it would take your full day. By setting up automated emails, those buyers come to you when they’re ready, possibly with the home they want already picked out.

Ready to Get Started?

Here's what you need to do:

1. From your wall, click Search at the top of your page, then Search Listings. Enter all of your buyer’s search criteria, then click Search.

2. At the top of the results page, click Tools, then Save Search. On the following page, you can assign the search to a contact if they are already in our CRM.

3. Turn “Drip This Search” to On, set your triggers, enter your contact’s email address, and choose the subject line. Click Save.

4. Wait for buyers to contact you!

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