Tell us about the worst fine you've received for a chance to win!

At My State MLS and NY State MLS, we don't believe in fining our members. We work with our members and the way they do business, and we've found that handling rule violations with a conversation (instead of a huge bill) works best for everyone involved. 

Not everyone shares our philosophy.

Over and over, we've heard horror stories from members of thousand dollar fines caused by a minor mistake. This holiday season, we're gifting you a space to air your grievances - and a chance to win big. To enter, just share your worst fine story via the form below. Whether it's an absurdly high bill or a completely counterintuitive rule, we want to hear about it. Our favorite story will win a free year of MLS services (worth $330).

Submit your entries by December 11th at 11:59 PM EST for your chance to win!

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