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1837 is the beginning of Chicago's lengthy history, as the Windy City. Originating as a tiny trade port in the early 19th century, Chicago has expanded to become one of the biggest cities in the US. Its ideal position on Lake Michigan allowed it to become a hub for commerce and transportation, which sped up urban expansion and industrialization. The lasting effects of famous occurrences like the Great Chicago Fire, led to the city's revival and architectural revolution. several communities that highlight the city's varied past, from the storied Polish neighborhood of Avondale to the thriving Mexican enclave of Pilsen.

In the city of Chicago, there are many different attractions that make this city one of a kind. The most well known of these, has to be Millennium park with its famous cloud gate. This 3.5 acre urban sanctuary is known for its wonderful walkways, fountains, gardens, and most importantly, the 110-ton sculpture known as the Cloud Gate. This piece is shaped in an arch allowing visitors to walk under the liquid mercury inspired stainless steel "bean". Another well known destination is the world renowned Chicago Art Institute. Mostly known for its impressionist and post-impressionist works, this incredible museum is home to hundreds of thousands of pieces, in total measuring out to around 400,000 square feet. Lastly, you can't mention Chicago without talking about the Chicago Cubs. The team has been playing at the famous Wrigley Field for over a century. The rich history and excitement of the game makes this experience one of a kind.

How is the Real Estate market doing? As of April 2023, home sales totaled to 7,593, a 39.2% decrease since April 2022. Next, the median housing price in Chicago is hovering around 320k, a 1.5% decrease since April of last year. What does this mean for Real Estate market? It seems there is a general decline in the housing market, but this also means there is increased opportunity for buyers. Also other factors such as low inventory, increased inflation, and higher mortgage rates have negatively impacted Chicago real estate. Regardless of the current trends of the market, experts continue to emphasize the continual opportunity of buyers, which should be good news for real estate professionals in the area.

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