Use Open Listings to Get Leads, Advertise Yourself, and Expand Your Business

We've implemented one of our most-requested features for our members: Open Listings! 

Watch Dawn Pfaff, president and founder of My State MLS explain how Open Listings work with My State MLS.

In real estate sales and rentals, an open listing is a property advertisement that doesn't have a contract to pay a commission between a real estate agent and the property owner.

  • With Open Listing Advertisements, you can post Open Listings that will show up on our public search. Your photo, name, and company will also be promoted on all of your listings with this upgrade.
  • Open Listings are covered by our Your Listing, Your Lead policy; when buyers request a showing, that lead will go right to you.
  • Use Open Listings to advertise your services, collect buyer and seller leads, and grow your business!

So Why Would You Want to Use Open Listings?

New York City agents have used open listings for years to gain buyer and seller leads, advertise themselves, and grow their businesses. Especially new agents just starting out. 

Instead of buying leads or trying to find sellers and buyers through their limited sphere of influence, new NY agents contact rental property owners and managers and offer to open list their homes to rent to renters. Open listings are easy to get because there is no obligation for the owner to pay a commission to the agent and the landlord gets free advertising for their property. Of course, the agent wants to get paid so they can try to get the renter to pay the agent. But the real value of the open listing are the leads. The following is an example of how it works all over the country with My State MLS.

In Florida. Dawn Pfaff, president and founder of My State MLS and NY State MLS had an apartment for rent recently. Dawn entered the apartment as a rental listing in and within three days she had 125 leads."Not all of those leads were just renters," said Dawn. "Many were buyers that just couldn't find a place to buy." So, she rented to one of the leads, but she had 124 more leads to help them find a property to rent or buy. Some of those leads were also SELLERS because they had to sell their house and move to a rental.With My State MLS, agents can use this strategy anywhere in the US.

Open Listings Work

All over the country both rental and buying inventory is low. Finding an owner so you can list their property is tough without a big list of former clients.

Approach apartment and condo complexes and offer to list their properties for free. My State MLS allows open listings. Almost all local MLS's don't.

Once you have the listings, members can enter them in for a reasonable monthly fee of $50. They are advertisements, not part of the General Real Estate Listings on My State.

My State MLS will syndicate your open listings to those sites that accept open listings. There are many. for example is one.

Don't Forget Social Media for Your Open Listings

For each open listing you add to, use the Share feature on each listing to send them to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, manually enter the listings in Facebook Marketplace. Then watch the magic happen.  Click to subscribe now to add your Open Listings:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open Listing? With an open listing, a home seller allows multiple brokers to represent their property through a nonexclusive agreement. Those brokers may advertise the property and receive commission if they provide a buyer. 

What is the difference between an Open Listing and an Exclusive Listing? An open listing is the opposite of an exclusive listing, in which a real estate agent is engaged by the property owner and is the only conduit to bidding on and buying or renting the property. The agent has the exclusive right to sell and rent the property and gets a commission for the sale or rental. In My State MLS, an open listing is an advertisement, not a co-broke listing.

 Where will Open Listings appear? Open Listings will appear in public search results. 

Do I get any other benefits? When you subscribe to Open Listings, all of your listings (open and exclusive) will be upgraded to Enhanced Listings. This will make them stand out in search results with your profile photo (if you have uploaded one), name, and brokerage name. 

 How much does it cost? The Open Listings subscription is just $50 per month in addition to the membership fee to My State MLS.

 How many Open Listings can I post? You can have 20 open listings at any given time.

How to Use Open Listings for Real Estate Leads on My State MLS

By Dawn Pfaff

If you want to become a significant listing agent and you don't know where to start to get listings, you're definitely going to want to try the Open Listings approach. Open listings are easy to get because they are listings without exclusive contracts.They're a lot easier to get than exclusive listings and My State MLS lets you enter them into their Multiple Listing Service. Most local MLS's do not let you do this, but I'm going to show you how to do it in MY State MLS.

You have to be a member of My State MLS to do this so if you're not click to subscribe now.

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