200 Listings in 30 Days - They Said It Couldn't Be Done - UPDATED

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Video: 200 Listings in 30 Days!  Dawn & Nicole Explain How. 06:13

Update: 4/27/2022

By R. Michael Brown, Go Home TV Producer

It's been 60 days and our member that was originally given the challenge of 200 listings in 30 days now has over 400 listings, 40 leads, including 8 customers, and closed 3 land deals. Who says there's no inventory?

Original Article:

She did it. Our My State MLS member got 321 listings in 21 days and she's still counting. She's slowed up a bit on getting more listings because she's now busy with the 8 new buyers she has, showing those listings.

Dawn Pfaff, a broker and President of My State MLS, initially challenged the agent and told her how to get the 200 listings.

"I said, here's how you're going to do it. You're going to go out to developers. Developers have multiple units in buildings, and they have multiple units in their complexes. Some will be for rent and some for sale. Get the builder to let you do open listings for the units they are offering."

An open listing is a contract with the seller to advertise the property for sale. It's not an exclusive contract. Other agents may offer the property for sale too. If they sell it, they get paid. You're only going to get paid if you are the person who brings the buyer. And that's what an open listing is.

Your job after getting the open listings is find the buyers and get them to close.

Open listings are legal in all 50 states and are defined by the National Association of Realtors.

"A lot of developers give out open listings because they want everyone and anyone to bring them a buyer because they have hundreds of units to sell or rent," said Dawn. "You might get 20 open listings in a complex or building and that's what she's done."

Adding open listings to My State MLS and your website gives you inventory to display on your website and advertise on social media. Dawn said she spent less than $200 to advertise these listings and she got over 30 buyer leads. Out of that, the agent is now working with 8 buyers, 3 are cash buyers.

"An agent has to hit the pavement to get open listings," said Dawn. "But there are plenty of developments and rental communities to approach. One caution, you must not list a property on My State MLS without permission from the developer. We require that you be, licensed and that you have permission from the seller."

"Oftentimes in these developments, they have all the marketing material for you. They have the pictures, videos, floor plans... all kinds of things. They're like, here, go ahead... yeah, market it. Sure. We want you too."

That's for buyers. But it works for renters and rental properties too. Many agents say they don't want to work rentals. However, out of all the folks looking to rent, many have a home to sell, and they are looking to rent because of a life change like downsizing as an empty nester, a divorce, foreclosure, a local job move... and many more. You get the rental commission and long-term clients.

Renters with a home to sell often become your listing client for that home. And most renters eventually want to buy so as a rental agent you can help them in a year or two. Helping renters adds to your client list for the future.

This is especially beneficial for new agents. And My State MLS gives you the ability to include these open listings on their nationwide multiple listing service.

Learn More About Open Listings with Video and Step-by-Step Instructions:

Use Open Listings to Get Leads, Advertise Yourself, and Expand Your Business

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