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Prepare Your Home Now to Sell It in Spring

If you plan to sell your house next spring, you have just enough time to spruce it up for potential buyers. No matter if it is a cold, hot, or neutral market, spring is generally the best time to sell a home. This is the season when the inventory almost always rises. Here are a few ways you can prepare your house for the spring

Major Differences Between Home and Commercial Kitchens

The opportunity to replace the avocado-green fridge and harvest-gold sink from the 1970s can make a homeowner's heart soar. But don't fly too close to the sun. Giant commercial ranges and huge professional refrigerators belong in restaurant and hotel kitchens. Understanding the major differences between home and commercial kitchens will help keep your remodel in

Real Estate Agent Secrets for Selling a HomeFaster

There's a lot to consider when selling a home-the condition that the property is in, the current state of the market, and even the spending trends of potential buyers. In fact, there can be so much to think about that a home could end up sitting on the market for months before someone takes an interest. Fortunately, experienced real estate professionals are aware of all the factors

How to Deal With Moving in Bad Weather

Moving day is stressful. Packing all your belongings without any damage or left-behind items can be hard to manage at once.Harsh weather can make moving extra challenging.Not only isdriving to your new destination in poor weatherdifficult, but it also makes moving yourbelongings extra tedious. Here'show to deal with moving in bad

Tips for First-Time Rental Property Owners

If you're thinking of becoming a landlord, you have an entrepreneurial spirit to be envied. It's a pretty picture: the rent rolling in every month, your property steadily rising in real estate value, you set your plush recliner to 'massage' as you watch your bank account rise. But don't let your enthusiasm blind you to reality. Do your investment research and pay attention to these

How to Use Virtual Tours: The Key to Success in Today'sMarket

More companies than ever are adapting their business model to take advantage of online platforms, and the real estate sector is no exception. REALTORs and agents are using virtual tours to promote their listings. Virtual tours include video walkthroughs and interactive 360-degree photography, allowing prospective buyers to explore properties from the comfort of their home. These tours help

How Houseplants Can Benefit Your Home

Houseplants benefit your health, increase your mood, and make your home more appealing.Plants have different benefits based on where you place them in your home. Placing plants around your home not only benefits you, but may also be helpful when staging your home for sale. Home OfficeIf you work from home, then you spend a lot of time in

On-Demand Webinar | Digital Docs and Transaction Management

As part of our mission to work with the way you do business, we're constantly working to add new tools for our members.Most recently, we've partnered with Constellation1 to provide afull suite of digital documents with e-sign, transaction management, and a document vault. Even better,it's freefor our members until September 1st, and only $15 per month afterward(that's

Free Webinar: Being the Expert

Ever heard the phrase 'Jack of all Trades, Master of None'? As a real estate pro, we know that you can help any homeowner sell their home. However, top agents succeed by finding their ideal client and learning how best to serve them.One of the top qualities customers look for in an agent is expertise in their neighborhood, type of sale, or special