Are Housing Prices About to Collapse? Probably Not, and Why

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August 16, 2022

By Martin Tiller, Nasdaq

This morning's housing stats were, at first glance, not very good.

The headline housing starts number showed a decline of close to ten percent from last month's number, versus a consensus expectation for a drop of closer to three percent. There was a little relief from the building permits number that was a little higher than expected, but even so, it appears that the house building boom is well and truly over.

But does that mean that house prices are about to take a nosedive?

Not necessarily.

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Go Home TV agrees with Mr. Tiller's assessment of the market and his reasons that housing prices are not about to collapse. Click to see his full article. Much of the media and pundits scream doom and gloom and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mr. Tiller isn't one of them. Here at Go Home TV, we look at the data nationally and locally using multiple sources, including our nationwide multiple listing service, My State MLS, and form our forecasts based on that analysis.

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