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Webinar Replay: Commercial Real Estate Listing Syndication with Crexi & My State MLS

Crexi is the latest commercial property syndication portal on This new partnership means new opportunities for commercial real estate sales. Crexi is the fastest-growing commercial real estate platform with over 500,000 active listings and more than 2 million monthly users.

Covered in the webinar replay is:

  • A brief overview of My State MLS
  • How to list commercial property on My State MLS and how to syndicate it to Crexi
  • Getting a free Crexi account and some of its features
  • The features and advantages of a Pro Crexi account and how to subscribe
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Introducing Crexi, Commercial Property Listing Syndication on My State MLS

Crexi is the latest commercial property syndication portal on MyStateMLS.comThis new partnership means new opportunities for commercial real estate sales.Crexi is the fastest-growing commercial real estate platform with over 500,000 active listings and more than 2 million monthly users.

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My State MLS Partners with Crexi for Commercial Property Listing Syndication on

Partnership to Bring New Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate Sales

My State MLS, the nationwide real estate multiple listing service, is very excited to announce their partnership with Crexi to bring My State MLS's commercial listings onto Crexi's marketplace.

Crexi is the fastest-growing commercial real estate platform with over 500,000 active listings, $1 trillion+ in property value and more than 2 million monthly users. 

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Webinar Replay: How to Get Maximum Real Estate Listing Exposure

David Mink, VP of Operations at My State MLS, shows real estate agents and brokers how to maximum exposure for listings using My State MLS.

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Long-Abandoned 1894 Wyckoff Villa Finally Sells for $300K

One of the most well-known landmarks on the St. Lawrence River, the Wyckoff Villa now known as the Carleton Island Villa, has a new owner.The Villa finished construction in 1895 and was used until around 1927. During World War II, contractors were allowed to go in and remove the interior and the doors and windows leaving the Villa to the elements. Nobody has lived in the property for over 70 years.

There is electricity to the Island and water is taken from the river, although there are no utilities connected to the Villa. What is connected is plenty of ghost and haunted house stories. A perfect house for a Halloween tale.

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2022 Study: More Than Half of Buyers Would Purchase a Haunted Home in a Competitive Market

In this monster of a market, buyers are willing to overlook just about anything to own a home, including a few ghosts.

About 58% of home buyers say they'd consider purchasing a haunted home, according to our new survey of 1,000 Americans. In fact, nearly one-fourth of Americans (24%) believe they've already lived in a real haunted house.

As Americans spend less time at home in 2022, fewer people believe they've lived in a haunted house. Among those who have not shared a house with ghosts, however, two-thirds (67%) believe it's possible for a home to be haunted.

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Webinar Replay: Make Money in Real Estate with My State MLS

Dave Mink, our VP of Operations, shows real estate agents and brokers how to make money as members of My State MLS in this FREE webinar.Topics:

- Expand Your Territory
- Lead Generation
- Professional Search & Appraisal Tool
- Syndication to 125+ Real Estate Advertising Websites
- Global Advertising with My State MLS Listhub Partnership
- List ALL Property Types
- IDX Data Feed & Custom Website
- Referral Income from Agents in Other States
- Earn with MLS Affiliate
- Social Media Advertising & Leads

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3X Amount of Homes were Foreclosed in 2019 than in 2022

U.S. Foreclosure Activity Continues to Increase Quarterly Nearing Pre-Pandemic LevelsATTOM Data Solutions reported nationwide there were 92,634 distress properties in the 3rd quarter of 2022, increased 3.0% from the 2nd quarter of 2022, and rose 104.0% from the 3rd quarter of 2021; while one in every 1,517 properties had foreclosure in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

"We expect foreclosure starts to rise, however in the short term, most should be able to sell and still have equity or at least be even," said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS. "However longer term, homeowners who bought at the height will most likely be under water and will have to let the home go to auction. It's very important to price the property right to sell quickly in a down market if you can't make your payments. This way, you cut your losses and can still walk away with some cash."

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How to Find a Lost or Stolen 'Windows' Laptop - Video

A niece's stolen laptop spurs Go Home TV Host Dawn Pfaff into action and she explains how to find the stolen computer.

Do you work in public places? Many real estate agent do as they are traveling from meeting to meeting and house to house. 

Make sure you do this on your devices. If they are lost or stolen you can find them...

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PSA: Please Support Hurricane Ian Victims - Video

Public Service Announcement: Hurricane Ian devastated southwestern parts of the Florida peninsula leaving many without shelter, food, jobs, and safety.

Please consider donating to your charity of choice to help these residents get back on their feet.

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Dawn Pfaff to be Speaker at Web3 & Real Estate Summit

Miami Oct. 27-28

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr.
Miami, FL 33139


Grow your knowledge and learn how to make these new technologies work for you - today and in the future.

This 2-day summit gives you the tools and information you need to get started.

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Study: U.S. Rent Spikes Most Pressing in Sun Belt, West Hurricane

Ian to Have Short-term Effect on Southwest Florida Rentals

Rent spikes have developed in the Sun Belt and the West, a pattern clearly driven by local supply and demand issues, according to the latest analysis by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and two other schools.Florida continues to dominate the list of largest premiums and largest annual rent increases, as of the end of August. Miami is No. 1 in both categories, with renters paying 21.98 percent above the long-term rental trend and 21.92 percent more than they did a year ago.

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News Update: Real Estate, Crypto Currency & Laptop Theft & Recovery

Dawn Pfaff of My State MLS and Nicole Wilber talk about the news of the week.

- Support Hurricane Ian Victims
- How to find a lost or stolen laptop
- Centralized and Decentralized Money
- Pocket Listings (Private Listings)
- CoStar's Homesnap vs. Broker Public Portal

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Attention New York Real Estate Brokers: Cultural Competency Course Required to be Licensed

The New York Department of State released a news bulletin that said, "Effective 9/21/22, new real estate broker applicants must complete training in cultural competency to become licensed. To meet this new requirement, applicants can submit proof of completion of a two-hour continuing education course on cultural competency along with their real estate broker application."

My State MLS in partnership with the CE Shop offers the class online for $19. 

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Webinar Replay: How to Accelerate Your Real Estate Business Using Facebook

At My State MLS, the nationwide multiple listing service, we want to help real estate agents like you supercharge your marketing. In this FREE webinar and ebook, we'll show you how to build your brand using Facebook, how to use Groups, and the best way to Boost your brand and content for success. 

Social media is a great opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness and generate sales. For real estate agents and brokers, Facebook is still the #1 social platform for the most amount of views, engagement, and links to your website. Join Mike Brown and learn this powerful way to accelerate your business using Facebook.

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Webinar Replay: Top 10 Things Your Real Estate Brokerage Needs

Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of My State MLS plus a brokerage owner with over 20 years experience, explains what all real estate brokerage's need to setup and be in business.

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Latest Hot Sheet Real Estate Listings from My State MLS - 9-24-2022 Edition

Here's the latest Hot Sheet Listings for single-family homes at My State MLS, the nationwide real estate multiple listing service.

First up, a listing from Clifton Park, New York. Situated in the much sought-after Country Knolls neighborhood, is this charming five bedroom, two and a half bath Colonial. This 2,310 square foot home features a first-floor bedroom, front room with a wood burning fireplace, a formal dining room, and a spacious eat-in kitchen, all for $359,900!

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What is Success to You? With Dawn Pfaff

Just like different strokes for different folks is true, what success means for each of us is not the same. To some it's money or career. To others it's happiness in a family or a spiritual life. To many, it's all of that together.

But how do you get there? 

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Study Shows Home Price Corrections Most Likely in Washington, Texas, Utah and North Carolina

Renting Beats Buying in All 100 Markets Surveyed

Spokane, Washington and Austin, Texas are the two U.S. housing markets most exposed to price corrections, meaning consumers in those areas should strongly consider renting rather than buying, according to a new report from researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.The BH&J National Price-to-Rent Ratios Monthly Report measures the relative cost of owning to renting in 100 metropolitan areas nationwide.

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Tutorial: Navigate the My State MLS Member Homepage

My State MLS, the nationwide real estate multiple listing service, members have a dashboard or what we call the 'Wall'.This video tutorial shows you around the Wall and how to navigate and customize it for your needs.

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Fla. Scammer Claims CEO Status, Steals 21 Properties - And How to Protect Yourself so It Doesn't Happen to You

Someone filed paperwork with Fla.'s Division of Corporations, changed CEO status, took out loans and sold property. The owner found out after trying to pay taxes.

When Jim Glenn walked into the Sarasota County Tax Collector's Office in mid-August, he expected to pay his business' property taxes, just as he'd done many times before. But this time, he learned someone had already paid them.

"Huh, that's weird," he thought. "What type of idiot pays someone else's taxes?"

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Media & Industry Irrational Exuberance Fans False Housing Market Rumors

The facts are getting in the way of the media and industry rumors that the real estate market is dead, dying, or heading into a recession.

"It's our forecast that the real estate market will start getting back to what it was like before the pandemic," said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS. "What we've had over the last couple of years has been a national market that was reacting to unusual pressures - population movement and construction material supply interruptions because of COVID, and a growing population and more cash buyers causing ever increasing demand."

That drove housing supply way down and prices way up - a mostly pandemic based housing boom. Now, with inflation running at 40-year highs and interest rates increasing to between 4% and 6%, housing price growth is slowing in most markets and is flat or reducing in a few markets."That doesn't mean that the real estate market is in the trouble that so many pundits are pushing," said Pfaff.

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Webinar Replay & Ebook: How to Boost Sales & Your Brand With Video 

In this Go Home TV Webinar, we explain an overview of content marketing using video for selling real estate. Do what's in the webinar and your results will be more social media and website traffic, more leads, more prospects, and more customers. 

Tips are given that apply to many industries; but, specifically to real estate. The target audience for the free webinar is real estate agents and brokers and shows how to attract property sellers and agents, brokers, and consumers for buying property.

Presenter: R. Michael Brown, Go Home TV Producer

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My State MLS Will Be At Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Expo on Aug 24-25

We are very excited to announce that My State MLS will be at "Build Your Business" Florida Realtors Convention & Trade Expo on August 24-25 in Orlando, FL.

Come and see us at Booth 721 and don't forget to drop in your business card for a surprise giveaway!

Stop by and learn from us how to make more money in a tightening market.

In addition, Go Home TV will be reporting from the show so watch for us on social media.We would love to meet you all.

Click to see some of the activities lined up for the attendees. [Go Home TV]

Go Home TV Reaches 1000 YouTube Subscribers!

Go Home TV, powered by My State MLS has reached 1,000 YouTube Subscribers. The real estate channel was launched in March 2022 and is becoming popular with over 4,000 hours watched so far.Real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, other real estate pros, and interested consumers are watching the free channel because of the fresh and relevant content about today's market.

In celebration of this milestone, Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS and Host of Go Home TV, and Nicole Wilber, Co-Host did a "behind-the-scenes" market prediction video for the crazy market we're in...

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You Can Buy a House Without Your Own Money

Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS, explains how to buy a house when you don't have any of your own money for a down payment . Here's how...

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Are Housing Prices About to Collapse? Probably Not, and Here's Why

By Martin Tiller, Nasdaq

This morning's housing stats were, at first glance, not very good. The headline housing starts number showed a decline of close to ten percent from last month's number, versus a consensus expectation for a drop of closer to three percent.

There was a little relief from the building permits number that was a little higher than expected, but even so, it appears that the house building boom is well and truly over. But does that mean that house prices are about to take a nosedive?

Not necessarily.

See our take on Mr. Tiller's analysis and follow the link to the full Nasdaq article.

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Real Estate Agent Listing Agreements & Commissions Explained

Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of My State MLS - the nationwide multiple listing service, explains broker and agent listing agreements with sellers and buyers, and the way commissions are broken down - and who pays the commissions.

It's really quite simple when you hear this explanation. 

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Learn the Ultimate Guide to Calculate Your Mortgage Payment

This is a great time to buy a house!

Watch the video above and see Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS, explain the ins and outs of picking and calculating the right mortgage for you.

If you're a home buyer this is great advice for you. If you're an agent, this will help you advise your home buying clients.

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Spectacular Greek Revival Home Hits Upstate NY Market for $5.65M

A stunning Greek Revival luxury home, located at 509 Bashford Road, in Chatham, NY, is now for sale, listed on My State MLS. The Columbia County beauty sits on 53 private acres.

"This home is extremely unique in that it was built in 2015 yet the family wanted it to look like the home has been there forever," said listing agent Riley Williams of Miranda Real Estate Group, Inc. "It is a Greek Revival 'Connor Home' which is known for taking modern amenities and combining it with an old structure."

As for the location of the 8,300-square-foot estate, it is sited in New York's Columbia County which borders Massachusetts and is well known for boasting a tight-knit hunting community. 

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Understanding the MLS Landscape Today and Tomorrow

RISMedia CEO & Leadership Exchange

In today's frenzied real estate market, there's at least one thing agents and brokers continue to rely on: the power of multiple listing services.Like most things in real estate, MLSs are evolving to meet the needs of the professionals they serve. Some of this evolution is clear, while other shifts are more nuanced. This is why RISMedia felt it was imperative to bring together some of the sharpest minds in the industry to discuss these powerful platforms, how they're changing and what policies could impact their future.

Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of My State MLS is a speaker on the panel.

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Webinar Replay: Getting Started in Real Estate

In this webinar, Dawn Pfaff, founder and President of My State MLS, with over 20 years of real estate experience as an appraiser, broker, investor, real estate license law instructor, and real estate tech entrepreneur, teaches new agents how to get started.

There are new tips for agents that are stuck too. 

Watch the webinar and let us know what you think. Like and subscribe to these free webinars on our Go Home TV YouTube Channel.

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Market Trends with Real Estate Economist Ken H. Johnson

Go Home TV's Dawn Pfaff sat down with Ken H. Johnson, PhD, an economist and real estate researcher at Florida Atlantic University's (FAU) College of Business, to discuss the current and future market trends in key areas of the United States.They covered:

  • Top 100 U.S. Housing Markets - Pricing & Premiums with Historical Perspectives
  • What a Municipality Should Do to Provide Future Real Estate Value
  • One Year Market Predictions
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International Buyers Shot Up 8.5% to $59 Billion in Sales

A report released this week by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that international buyers purchased $59 billion worth of U.S. residential properties from April 2021-March 2022, up 8.5% from the previous year and breaking a three-year streak of declines. The 98,600 existing homes sold - the lowest since NAR tracking began in 2009 - were down 7.9% from the previous year. In terms of overall dollar volume, rising foreign buyer purchase prices offset the annual decline in homes sold.

"Property in the US is seen as a safe investment for international buyers who are looking to protect their assets," said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS. "Even if there is a recession here, the United States is still a safe haven because of property rights protections."

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Announcing Go Home TV 'Watch and Earn' Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the three (3) lucky winners!

- Neil Sterrer

- Danielle Fricano

- Emily Samasonow

You each answered all five (5) questions correctly, were randomly selected from the list that answered correctly, and each will receive a $500 Visa Cash Card once you have verified your eligibility and met the prize conditions. You have 15 days to respond. Here is a simple summary of what you need to do to claim your prize which will be mailed to you.

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3 Ways to Help Struggling Residents Stay in Their Homes

During the pandemic, emergency rental aid helped keep millions of people in their homes. This is thanks to a federal program that allocated $46 billion. The federal program is running out of money and shutting down in some places. But, as rents and inflation continue to increase, this will cause eviction notices to soar.

There are still resources that can help you stay in your home more than two years after the pandemic hit the United States.

Plus, My State MLS created and launched a state-by-state Financial Assistance Directory of federal, state, and local programs to offer assistance to residents who need help staying in the place they are currently living or find and pay for a new place to call home.

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Freddie Mac to Include On-Time Rent in Underwriting

On-time rental payments to be included in Freddie Mac's system starting July 10

Freddie Mac announced that it will increase homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers by considering on-time rent payments as part of the company's loan purchase decisions. Beginning July 10, 2022, this automated functionality will be available to mortgage lenders nationwide through Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor® (LPA), the company's automated underwriting system.

"Finally!" said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS. "If you can afford pay a certain amount for rent and you are making that payment every month, then that should be considered in the underwriting process. This will help a lot of first time home buyers get into a home."

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Researchers: Rising Interest Rates Not Likely to Give Renters Relief

Better Supply-Demand Balance is Key to More Moderate Rents

Crushing rent increases remain the norm across Florida and beyond, and the Federal Reserve's recent interest rate hike is unlikely to improve the landscape for cash-strapped renters, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and two other schools.

The Waller Weeks & Johnson Rental Index, a collaboration started this year by FAU, The University of Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast University, finds that renters are paying significantly more than expected based on historical trends in individual markets.

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Real Estate Companies are Actually NOT Laying off Staff Right and Left

Recent headlines have been filled with news of layoffs, but look closer. The companies where layoffs are occurring are wholly unrepresentative of the real estate industry and don't represent a major trend.

Inman performed an analysis on the industry and published it today. Here's a summary of their findings and our view at My State MLS.

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Can You Make a Fortune Shorting Real Estate?

Is it possible to make a fortune shorting real estate? A YouTuber named Vlad #Biaheza posted a video about shorting real estate, and in two days, he had over 165,000 views on that video.

I guess I wasn't the only one who wanted to figure out how to short real estate. He explained the current situation in real estate and how the market has gone way up.  

And now with rising interest rates, he is betting it will come all the way down.

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Real Estate Brokers: Recruit & Retain More Agents with My State MLS

My State MLS is a nationwide Multiple Listing Service covering the entire U.S..   Real estate pros can:

  • List properties wherever they are licensed from one account
  • Search properties across the country
  • Work with our nationwide network of agents
  • Consumers see the listings on, Zillow, and over 100 other outlets.

Many brokers use My State MLS to recruit superstar agents and newly licensed agents to build their growing firms. 

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Mortgage Rates Still Under 4%? Find Out How.

All right. It's time to talk about ARMs. ARMs are finally back. And you know what I'm talking about when I say ARMs and I'm not talking about arm fat. I am talking about adjustable rate mortgages.

They're back and they're much lower than the regular rate. I know that you've heard that the rates are like above 5%, but it is still possible to get 3.9% right now by taking an adjustable rate mortgage.It's called a 5-1 ARM. 

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My State MLS in the News: The Current State of the Real Estate Metaverse 

We have roads, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries and now the metaverse. Many experts look at the metaverse as a 3D model of the internet. If you've ever put on a virtual reality headset to spend time in digital life, you've visited the metaverse.How we interact with others has evolved from print to phones and social media.

Today, it's not just about communication. It's about business. For example, instead of buying something online with your flat mobile phone or laptop screen, imagine seeing yourself in specific clothes in a store through a hologram in your living room. Yes, the virtual world, or worlds, is becoming the real world.

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Go Home TV's Dawn and Nicole Breaks into the Metaverse

Is Crypto Safe in the Metaverse?

Introducing Dawn and Nicole in the metaverse. The Go Home TV cohosts start to explore the evolving virtual world of the metaverse. Join them here as they explore, and we learn together, about real estate in the metaverse.

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Webinar: Where is the Real Estate Inventory & Where to Find It

GoHome TV Webinar series on how to stay ahead of the competition in this difficult real estate market. Watch the replay.

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Fort Myers, Other Florida Metros Top List of Largest U.S. Rent Increases

Rents for homes and apartments have soared nationwide over the past year, and Florida remains at the heart of a problem overwhelming U.S. consumers, according to an analysis of 107 rental markets by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and two other schools.

Based on year-over-year rent increases, eight of the Top 10 markets are in Florida, with only No. 4 Sierra Vista, Arizona and No. 7 Knoxville, Tennessee making the list from outside the Sunshine State.

Renters in Fort Myers, on Florida's west coast south of Tampa, have been hit particularly hard. The average rent there for April was $2,073, up 32.38 percent from a year ago, the nation's largest increase.

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What's Going to Happen with this Real Estate Market? - Part 1

Go Home TV went to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton to have an in-depth conversation with Ken H. Johnson, PhD, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs in the College of Business, about current real estate trends in the market.

Host Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS, interviewed Ken about the latest hot topics in real estate. Topics that every real estate agent should know.

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Webinar: How to Earn Money with My State MLS Affiliate Program

Dave Mink, VP of Operations at My State MLS, explains our MLS Affiliate Program. It's a way to make money by referring real estate pros to become members of My State MLS. 

Dave said by way of introduction, "Today we're going to be talking about MLS affiliate and how it can be used as a platform for you to generate additional revenue and additional income in addition to what you're already doing with your real estate business."

"What if your MLS actually sent money back to your pocket by paying you for referring others to join the platform? That's exactly what MLS affiliate is. My State MLS makes it really easy for you to become an affiliate and start earning that income."

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Webinar: Using Professional Search on My State MLS

Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS, teaches you how to use ProSearch on My State MLS. Our Professional Search feature provides the most comprehensive search data for real estate pros, a great way to network and gain referrals across the country, and a way to beat the competition with fast and helpful information for your clients. 

Dawn takes you through step-by-step on how to use ProSearch.

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Sales of Newly Built Homes Tumbled Over 16% in April While Prices Soared

Sales of newly built homes dropped 16.6% in April from March, far more than expected, and were down 26.9% from April 2021, according to the U.S. Census.The annualized rate came in at 591,000 units, seasonally adjusted. Analysts had been expecting 750,000. March's read was also revised lower.

That is the slowest sales pace since April 2020, when everything shut down at the start of the Covid pandemic. Sales surged quickly after that, as Americans sought bigger homes with outdoor spaces for quarantining.

In addition to this news, see our analysis that shows you the impact and what it means for the bigger picture of housing in the U.S.

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Hometown Heroes Housing Program Gets the Green Light in Florida

The $100M program, a top Florida Realtors priority, will provide zero-interest loans to be used toward down payment and closing costs - up to 5% of the loan or $25K.

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Webinar: How to Generate Real Estate Leads with My State MLS Using Open Listings

Founder and President of My State MLS Dawn Pfaff takes you through step-by-step how to get and use Open Listings to expand your business wherever you are licensed anywhere in the U.S.

This is an awesome way to increase your sales and make money even in this tight, low inventory market.

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3 Million in Sales in 3 Months with Open Listings

In this episode, Dawn Pfaff and Nicole Wilber talk about real estate topics that are hot on social media right now. Watch them in the Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV.Topics include:

  • She's crushing it! $3 Million in Sales in 3 Months using Open Listings!
  • Clients from Hell.... Your Time Waster, Nudist.... 
  • Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act in New York State. Act now to stop it before it becomes law!

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Advice from the Mortgage Mom Deanne Katsaros

Diane Katsaros, owner of Greentree Mortgage Company, came to the Real Estate Cellar to talk to us about loans, mortgage loans, and how she helps buyers get into homes."They call me the mortgage mom because I basically treat my clients like family," said Diane. "Mortgage mom just came about because if somebody is not able to purchase a home now, we're able to take them through the process. So it might be credit, it might be assets, it might be budgeting. I'm holding their hand through the entire process."

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April Housing Report: Inventory Readies to Rebound

In April, the U.S. supply of active listings posted the smallest year-over-year decline (-12.2%) since the end of 2019, led by gains in the share of mid-sized homesNew data suggests that the U.S. housing supply is readying to rebound, as active listings posted the smallest year-over-year declines (-12.2%) since December 2019, according to the® Monthly Housing Trends Report released today. Inventory improvements were led by increases in the share of mid-sized homes, which could mean more listings available to families looking to upgrade from their starter homes - which could, in turn, potentially result in an uptick in first-time buying options.

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Real Estate Agents

Do You Feel Like Your Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Keeps You in a Box?

Why not use a nationwide MLS? With My State MLS you'll be able to: - Expand your territory- Get referrals- List wherever you're licensed

Click to Find Out More 

BREAKING NEWS - Interest Rates, Mortgage Market, Housing Market

Update from the Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV with co-hosts Dawn Pfaff and Nicole Wilber, Powered by My State MLS.

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New Study Reveals Florida Dominates List of 25 Most Overvalued U.S. Rental Markets

Researchers: Shortage of Units Will Lead to Real Estate 'Reckoning' 

Rental rates for homes and apartments have spiked across the nation, and Florida is the center of the surge, according to a new study from Florida Atlantic University and two other schools. The researchers ranked the 25 most overvalued U.S. rental markets, and the first five all are in the Sunshine State.

South Florida heads the list, with renters in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties paying an average $2,832 a month - 21.75 percent above what they should be paying, based on the area's long-term leasing trends.

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Rents are rising everywhere. See how much prices are up in your area.

Nationally, rents rose a record 11.3 percent last year, according to real estate research firm CoStar Group. That fast pace of growth remained elevated in the first months of 2022, as many parts of the country continued to notch double-digit jumps in rent prices.

"A supply-demand mismatch is making rents unaffordable," said Dennis Shea, executive director of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Center for Housing Policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. "The lowest-income families are being hardest hit by rising rents and a lack of supply."

See More and Go To Interactive Map [Go Home TV]

Strong Demand for Homes Bolsters Prices, Forcing Buyers Across the Country to Overpay

FAU Economist: Some Properties Won't Fetch Enough Money in Resales

Home prices in the overwhelming majority of the nation's largest housing markets continue to rise despite the Federal Reserve's move to raise mortgage rates in hopes of curtailing runaway demand, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

In 99 of the 100 markets surveyed, rising prices are forcing buyers to pay higher premiums - the amount of money above what they should be spending based on past pricing trends. The larger the premium, the more overvalued a market is. 

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How to Protect Your Credit Score When Shopping for a Mortgage & What is PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance

Tips to follow when shopping for a mortgage to protect your credit score, personal information.Plus an explanation of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

See More [Go Home TV]

Update: 4/27/2022

200 Listings in 30 Days - They Said It Couldn't Be Done - UPDATE

It's been 60 days and our My State MLS member that was originally given the challenge of 200 listings in 30 days, now has over 400 listings, 40 leads, including 8 customers, and closed 3 land deals.

Who says there's no inventory?

See More [Go Home TV]

The Truth About Mortgage Rates

"There's been a lot of talk about mortgage rates lately, rates going crazy up into the sixes, which is not happening," said Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS. "We're here to show you how I look up rates."

See More [Go Home TV]

BREAKING NEWS: Real Estate Market Updates from the Real Estate Cellar 4-22-2022

Mortgage demand has fallen to nearly half of what it was a year ago, as interest rates continue to rise.

Prediction: More homes coming to the market in 2022. 

Our mission in life at My State MLS is to help real estate agents grow their business, expand their territories, make more money, and help folks find a place to live. That's what we do here."In a changing market as a real estate agent," said Dawn Pfaff. "You've got to avoid falling off a cliff." Here's how.

See More [Go Home TV]

Real Estate Market Heading for a Cliff?
The headlines are dramatic:

  • Real estate investors cite rising inflation as their biggest concern in 2022 [RealtyBizNews]
  • How Likely Is a Real Estate Market Crash? [Motley Fool]
  • A bit of 2008 déjà vu: The housing market hits a level not seen since the last bubble [Fortune]
  • Inside the real estate housing bubble and market [Business Insider]
  • Home Prices Can Always Get More Ridiculous [Bloomberg]
Inflation, housing prices still going up in most places but in others some price drops, more inventory slowly showing up in the market. The signs are that something is changing.Will there be a crash? Will the current sellers market burst like the 2008 bubble? Local markets will dictate what happens.But you can hedge the market by getting ready for who-knows-what. You'll have to be flexible to roll with it.
See More [Go Home TV]

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: New York State Standard Operating Procedure Law Effective April 20, 2022 Impacts all Real Estate Brokerages
The New York Assembly Bill A9175 was signed by the governor and requires real estate brokers to institute standardized operating procedures (SOP) for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers shall meet prior to receiving any services."This is a bill trying to get at discrimination against individuals looking to purchase a home," said Mike Kelly, director of Government Affairs for NY State Association of Realtors. "The bill says to the broker that you have to notify the prospective client your position on at least three things: identification, pre-qualification, and exclusive right to represent. The statute doesn't prescribe how you have to treat those things, whether you require them or not. It says that you have to provide that statement that says you are going to require them or not and that you have to put the SOP on a public facing website, [mobile device application they maintain], and posted in your offices."
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Foreclosures are on the Rise. Here's What that Says about the Housing Market
In January there was a seven-fold increase in foreclosure starts as compared to December, with roughly 33,000 loans referred to foreclosure, according to a report from mortgage data and analytics company Black Knight. What's more, data from real estate data analytics firm ATTOM Data Solutions revealed that lenders repossessed 2,634 U.S. properties through completed foreclosures in February 2022, which is an increase of 70% from last year (though it's still down 45% from last month).

What do these foreclosures say about the housing market?

See More [Go Home TV]

Watch These Overvalued Housing Markets as Home Price Growth Begins to Decelerate
The economic shock presented by mortgage rates has some in the real estate industry predicting that the red-hot housing market will finally lose some steam. Look no further than CoreLogic. On Monday, the real estate research firm, ranked No. 952 in the Fortune 1000, said that home price growth is about to decelerate-by a lot.

At its latest reading, U.S. home prices shot up 19.2% between January 2021 and January 2022. But over the coming 12 months, CoreLogic says, home prices will rise just 5%.

See More [Go Home TV]

Real Estate Pros - Tax Advice for Brokers and Agents - Part One
We get a couple extra days this year to file our taxes because April 15 lands on a Federal holiday. And if you're like many real estate pros, filing your taxes are one of the last things on your list.

Go Home TV brought tax expert Michael Miller, P.A. into the studio for a two-part interview with host Dawn Pfaff, president of My State MLS, first on what you need to know and do by April 18th, 2022, and second how to get through the complicated tax issues when it's time to help your clients close on a property.

Michael is a former IRS Agent and he's a CPA and lawyer that specializes in tax resolution for his clients.

See More [Go Home TV]

How to Buy Real Estate at Auction
Residential real estate inventory is at an all-time low; but, there is an alternative way to buy homes. When you can't find a property going the traditional route, start thinking outside the box and consider making a purchase via an auction. Turns out there is a lot of inventory there. 

In this series on Buying Real Estate at Auction, Dawn Pfaff, president of My State MLS, broker, and real estate investor with over 20 years of experience, and her co-host Nicole Wilbur, will show you the auction process as Dawn bids on property that she intends to invest in. She'll talk to you about the different types of auctions, tips to make a profitable purchase, and the pitfalls to avoid.

See More [Go Home TV]

Sellers' Market Peak? More Drop Their Asking Price
In April, 12% of sellers dropped their price compared to 9% one year earlier. It's too soon to call it a trend, but it suggests prices might soon hit their peak.Moving into the spring buying season, the number of new listings is picking up - 8% higher year-to-year, according to data. But even with the climb, housing shortages abound, and active inventory is down 13% year-to-year
See More [Go Home TV]

20 Real Estate Companies Have 60% of Market Share
The nation's largest real estate firms accounted for 61.2% of 2021 total sales, the largest year-over-year jump on record, according to the newly released 2022 Real Estate Almanac by T3 Sixty, a real estate consulting firm. "The residential real estate industry has been consolidating at an accelerated clip over the past several years, and this data shows just how significant it is," says Paul Bishop, T3 Sixty's economist and vice president of research.
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You Thought the Town of Palm Beach Real Estate Was Hot? West Palm Beach Isn't Too Far Behind
The South Florida city is shedding its reputation as Palm Beach's little brother, as luxury prices skyrocket and homes trade for much more than they did just a few years ago.
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My State MLS Launches Financial Assistance State Directory

Debt relief and down payment financial assistance programs are lending a hand to millions of Americans to get a place to live.

"At My State MLS, we believe in giving back to the community, helping residents find a place to live - especially in affordable housing," said Dawn Pfaff, president and founder of My State MLS. "News, education, and online tools are some of the ways we can help."

My State MLS has created and just launched a state-by-state USA directory of federal, state, and local financial assistance programs. 

See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS will be at Manufactured Housing Institute Congress and Expo in Orlando - See Us There!

Dave Mink, VP of Operations at State Listings, Inc which includes My State MLS and MHAuthority, is on his way down to Florida for the MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute) Congress & Expo!

"We are so looking forward to meeting all of you as we provide a one-stop shop marketing solution and multiple listing service (MLS) for your business," said Dave. "See you at booth #218."

April 11-13, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando 

See More [Go Home TV Including Dave's Video]

Buy Space Real Estate & Get a NFT Deed

April 1, 2022, Jupiter, FL -- Property for sale in Space, you know - Mars, the Moon, Uranus and on other floating celestial bodies - is now a thing. Ever since Elon Musk said he's going to take us there, forward thinkers and planners are getting ready.

Today, My State MLS, a nationwide multiple listing service for earthbound real estate, is proud to announce My Space MLS, a space-wide multiple listing service for advertising space land for sale.Companies like Lunar Land, Groupon, and Buy Mars have been selling acres of planetary property and offering printed Lunar Deeds and Martian Deeds with your name on them for years. Real estate agents, always with an out-of-this-world case of FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out), are hurdling into virtual property sales and NFT's for real estate.

If companies can sell virtual land, maybe it's time to focus on space land. After all, at least it's real land. 

See More [Go Home TV]

BREAKING NEWS Video: My State MLS Analysis Shows Housing Inventory Starting to Rise

Economics 101 taught us, and it's now playing out, that low supply along with high demand caused a boom in home prices. The average number of homes for sale per year hovers around 2 million nationwide during normal market conditions. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), that dropped to 800 thousand and change in February this year.

Now with exploding interest rates, 5.377% - 30-year-fixed national average (up from 2.9% average at the first of the year), and the highest inflation in 40 years, what is going on with real estate inventory? An analysis by My State MLS, a nationwide multiple listing service, shows that inventory may be starting to rise.

See More [Go Home TV]

Weekly Update from the Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV 3-25-2022

Join Dawn and Nicole as they discuss this week's news in real estate in both the physical and metaverse.


  • 00:00 - 07:44  Real Estate's Newest Homeownership Category - Co-Ownership
  • 07:45 - 12:37  New Real Property NFT Now Ready for Sale
  • 12:38 - 13:55  Crypto-Backed Mortgages Pick Up Steam
  • 14:00 - 14:57  Miami NFT Week Friday, April 1 - Sunday, April 3, 2022
  • 14:58 - 19:08  My State MLS Financial Assistance - State Director

See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Launches Financial Assistance Directory

My State MLS believes in giving back to the community, helping residents find a place to live - especially in affordable housing. Education and tools are some of the ways we can help. Finding and keeping a house to rent or apartment to live in is really tough right now because of record lows in houses and apartments that are for sale or rent. So we've created this state-by-state USA directory of federal, state, and local financial assistance programs* to help residents that need information or a helping-hand to stay in the place they are living in, or find and pay for a new place to live.

See More [State-by-State Financial Assistance Directory]

200 Real Estate Listings in 30 Days - They Said It Couldn't Be Done

By R. Michael Brown, Go Home TV Producer

She did it. Our My State MLS member got 321 listings in 21 days and she's still counting. She's slowed up a bit on getting more listings because she's now busy with the 8 new buyers she has, showing those listings. There's a way to do it in today's low inventory market, read on...

See More [Go Home TV] This an update to an ongoing story.

Teen Mom Now Brokerage Owner with over 200 Agents - A Go Home TV interview with Tenisha Williams.
A Go Home TV interview with Tenisha Williams. This month is Women's History Month so we would like to celebrate a real estate broker that is making a difference in the real estate industry and in her community.
See More [Go Home TV]

Webinar Replay: How to Make Money by Listing & Selling New Home Construction & Developments
Webinar covers: The Current Market & Types of New Home Developments, Get the Listings & What to Do With Them, Selling New Home Construction is Different from the Resale Market, Selling the Product - Lifestyle, Not Houses, New Home Selling Process
See More [Go Home TV]

President of My State MLS has to Get Camera Ready for the Metaverse
See the transformation! She did it!!
See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Founder Dawn Pfaff Celebrated on International Women's Day

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of the nationwide real estate multiple listing service My State MLS, launched statewide NY State MLS in 2009 after she tried to get local real estate boards to work together to provide an MLS across the whole state. The associations wouldn't do it, so she created NY State MLS herself. It was so successful growing to over 32,000 members, she expanded nationwide in 2015 as My State MLS, which covers all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry from nearly every angle possible; she is an appraiser, agent, broker, real estate license law instructor, and investor. Dawn has just launched Go Home TV, a real estate media company serving brokers, agents, and the public with news, feature stories, analysis, webinars, and fun content.

See More [Go Home TV]


Real Estate Agent Webinar: How to Make Money by Listing & Selling New Home Developments

If you're having trouble getting listings because of tight inventory, new home construction selling can help. Register for this FREE webinar to find out how.

Webinar goal is to help real estate agents understand the relationships and processes to work with builders so you can make money selling what they are building.

Thursday, Mar 10, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

See More to Register for the Series [My State MLS Webinar Registration]

Weekly Update from the Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV 3-4-2022

Join Dawn and Nicole as they discuss this week's new in real estate in both the physical and metaverse.

  • Weekly Update on 200 #RealEstateListings in 30 Days Challenge
  • 3 people sought in connection with #realestatescam in Homestead
  • Why a #MortgageRate Drop? Probably Due to Russia
  • Is a $1M Home Still Considered #LuxuryHousing?
  • Demand in Vacation Areas Unrelenting Amid Pandemic-Driven Work Flexibility
  • iBuying is making #RealEstateAgents more essential, not less
  • 7 things real estate agents want in their work life
  • A Perfectly 1989 'Barbie House' in Mill Basin
  • South Korean toilet turns excrement into power and #digitalcurrency

See More [Facebook Live - Replay]

Weekly Update from the Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV 2-28-2022

This week the news and feature stories are focusing on: 

  • Fastest way to get a lot of real estate listings
  • Russian - Ukraine conflict and its impact on the housing market
  • Current data on the U.S. housing market including an interactive table with 100 hottest cities
  • A house-hack for you to find out-of-the-box thinking ways for you to find a place to live, a parking space selling for $50,000
  • A broker that lost her Instagram account to a hacker and how to stop it from happening to you
  • Celebrity metaverse private island purchasing for $2.9 million each
  • Listing that's a mix of insanity and creativity
  • Go Home TV Webinar: How to Be a Nationwide Real Estate Pro with My State MLS and Professional Search
  • See the Video [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Member Gets 208 Listings in 7 Days After Challenge
A My State MLS member recently got a challenge from broker Dawn Pfaff two weeks ago - Get 200 listings in 30 days. The member's reaction, "No way! Not in this market. Probably not in any market - at any time." What the member didn't know was that it was a trick question.See More [Go Home TV]

U.S. Housing Markets Still Searching for Peak Prices
Higher mortgage rates have yet to cool overheated housing markets across the country as prices continue a steady climb in each of the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.See More [Go Home TV]

Be a Nationwide Real Estate Pro with My State MLS and Professional Search
How can working as a Nationwide Real Estate Agent set you apart from the competition and how can My State MLS help? My State MLS is the Nationwide Multiple Listing service that is helping brokers and agents get more exposure on their listings, while giving them the tools to look for homes and helpful data anywhere in the country. Our Pro Search feature is the key to your local AND national success.
See More [Go Home TV]

Real Estate Agent and Comedian Matt Lionetti Talks with Dawn Pfaff
Social media sensation Matt Lionetti spoke with Dawn Pfaff about his incredible single-focus marketing strategy - comedy about real estate. He also covers serious topics like the all-time low inventory, crazy over-ask prices in Canada, and why his strategy works for him.
See More [Go Home TV]

The Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV - Episode 3
This episode focuses on how to get seller leads in today's tight market, how to make your home camera-ready to sell, top markets in the U.S., National Association of Realtors mandatory MLS policies, the real estate metaverse, the most expensive deals in the Hamptons (NY) in 2021, and in unique properties for sale: a floating wedding chapel house.
See More [Go Home TV]

First NFT House Auction Covered Live by Go Home TV
Dawn Pfaff and Nicole Wilbur, co-hosts at Go Home TV, discuss the first US Real Estate NFT and the live auction that just happened - covered live on Facebook by the Go Home TV crew.
See More [Go H TV]

David Mink Selected as a Top Individual for GlobeSt Real Estate Forum's Influencers in CRE Technology
GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum, a publication serving commercial real estate professionals, has named David Mink, vice president of operations for My State MLS, as a top individual for its Influencers in CRE Technology series.
See More [Go Home TV]

Florida has $740.4M in Emergency Rental Assistance
The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) announced that Florida has received an additional $740.4 million to continue to operate the OUR Florida emergency rental assistance program. "The OUR Florida program is another example of our efforts to assist Florida families on their road to economic self-sufficiency," says DCF Secretary Shevaun Harris.
See More [Go Home TV]

30 Ways Get Listings in Today's Low Inventory Market
Everyone knows the real estate market is tight right now because of low inventory. There are plenty of buyers but very little inventory. So Go Home TV and My State MLS staff got together with our brokers and agents to come up with a list of 30 ways you can prospect to get listings. We've done all of these research and prospecting methods. They work!
See More [Go Home TV]

New Career in Real Estate
Continuing Education credits are required to keep your real estate license active. But what if you could get your CE credits quickly and easily online? What if you could get your CE at a very low discounted rate? MyStateMLS has got you covered. Whether you're a brand new agent or a seasoned RE veteran, MyStateMLS and The CE Shop has CE courses to help you up your Real Estate Game.
See More [My State MLS Webinars] 
See More [Go Home TV] 

Bitcoin at a Million Dollars?
Dawn isn't buying the whole "Bitcoin is going to a $Million...". Are you? Watch the video and let us know what you think.

See More [Go Home TV] 

Go Home TV Newsletter | February 3, 2022 Edition
This latest edition of the Go Home TV newsletter for real estate professionals includes how to get listings from sellers, housing inventory vs. the number of new agents, international buyer trends, how to use open listings, fractured MLS systems, and more.
See More [Go Home TV]

Keeping It Real in Real Estate with Teo Palmieri & Host Dawn Pfaff
Dawn Pfaff interviewed Teo Palmieri, owner of Elite Oceanview Realty and author of his new book Keep It Real In Real Estate: 7 Ways to Be successful in Real Estate, in Your Business and in Your Life.
See More [Go Home TV]

Dawn Pfaff Recognized as a 2022 Real Estate Influencer and Newsmaker by RISMedia
This year's honorees stood out for making news for their positive contributions to the consumers and communities they serve. The announcement by RIS Media said, "We celebrate their determination to innovate and excel despite the unpredictable challenges of our times."
See More [Go Home TV]

U.S. International Buyer Trends - ListGlobally 2021 Report
The effects of the pandemic have radically changed consumer behaviors and buying and selling trends in real estate markets, globally. There is good news. If you are interested in joining the international real estate market, there is no better time than now.
See More [Go Home TV]

How to Use Open Listings for Real Estate Leads
If you want to become a significant listing agent and you don't know where to start to get listings, you're definitely going to want to try the Open Listings approach. Open listings are easy to get because they are listings without exclusive contracts. See More [Go Home TV]

Fractured Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Systems Begin Embracing Tech, Consolidation
Today, the MLS landscape retains vestiges of that fractured, paper-driven local data sharing. But as technology has improved, regulations have tightened and consumers have found other avenues to access home listing data, the traditional MLS needed to evolve.
See More Including CEO Dawn Pfaff quotes [Go Home TV]

Featured Broker: Bryan Groves of Central WV Real Estate
Bryan has been actively involved in the real estate business in central West Virginia, since 1995 and and a long time My State MLS customer. He has been the owner / broker of Central WV Real Estate, LLC since 2017.  Since that time, Central WV Real Estate, has experienced record breaking production.
See More [Go Home TV]

Housing Inventory & Number of Real Estate Agents Break Records
Breaking news about housing inventory and the number of new real estate agents now in the United States. In December 2021 there were only 923,352 units for sale in the U.S. according to a Zillow report.At the same time, there are an additional 100,876 NEW real estate agents and brokers that are new members of the National Association of Realtors bringing the total to a record 1,559,537 members.
See More [Go Home TV]

Getting Real Estate Leads for Sales Success in Today's Market

With record low inventory, real estate brokers and agents will have to be aggressive about finding and landing listings in this market. Listings are the #1 priority right now and competition for them is fierce. Time to step up your game.
See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Launches New Real Estate Info and Video Channel - Go Home TV
My State MLS, a nationwide real estate multiple listing service, is happy to announce the launch of Go Home TV for real estate professionals - a real estate news, analysis, feature story, and training channel on YouTube and their website ( The channel includes articles, videos and webinars. Video is also on the updated company YouTube site now rebranded as Go Home TV.
See More [Go Home TV]

Introducing the First Episode of Go Home TV
Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of My State MLS, and co-host Nicole Wilbur discuss the 2022 housing market, if inflation will have a major affect on the market, the southern migration, and what virtual land mean to the real estate market in the near and distant future. This is the first episode of The Real Estate Cellar on Go Home TV.
See More [Go Home TV]

Violence Against Real Estate Agents on the Rise
Real estate agent Sara Trost gunned down while waiting to show a house for rent. Coral Springs police investigating the crime.
See More [Go Home TV]

New Edutainment Webinars Announced
Happy Winter and New Year! It may be a little chilly, but the market is nowhere near cooling off. The 2022 Winter webinar schedule is here. Register today for these complimentary edutainment webinars to help you learn and grow your business.
See & Register for Webinars

'The Old Rules Don't Apply Anymore' - New Ways to Generate Leads
In this episode, Dawn Pfaff offers insight and strategies that agents and brokers can use to grow their businesses and generate leads creatively. 
See More [Go Home TV]

Why Did Zillow Get Out of the House Flipping Business? 
In two weeks, real estate marketplace Zillow went from putting its tech-bolstered house flipping business on pause to flat out exiting that segment altogether.
See More [Fortune - Subscription Required] 

Why are People Buying Virtual Land?
By Dawn Pfaff, President and Founder of My State MLS
The metaverse won't be one thing or place, just like the Internet has many websites, so too will the metaverse have many virtual worlds. Right now they are being built by different companies as they compete for your interest and crypto currency.
See More [Go Home TV]

Lock-in your Nationwide Real Estate Multiple Listing Service Membership with 2021 Prices Today Before Prices Go Up for 2022!
For just $40/month, or $330/year, you get the benefits shown below to list and sell more property in your whole state, across the country, and internationally. Price increases begin January 1st for members with individual accounts and new (non-office) memberships.
See More [Go Home TV]

Follow the Money: New Leads vs. Database
Any successful real estate agent will tell you that their best source of leads exists within their own database. This was discussed during RISMedia's Real Estate's Rocking in the New Year virtual session, "New Leads vs. Database: How to Focus on Your Best Sources," held earlier this month.Dawn Pfaff, President and founder of My State MLS was part of the panel.
See More [Go Home TV]

Experts Predict What The Housing Market Will Look Like In 2022
Dawn Pfaff, President of My State MLS, was quoted for this article by Brenda Richardson for her article in Forbes. "We are forecasting that prices will continue to rise in 2022 but at a more moderate pace than 2021. Going into 2022, demand won't be as high, and supply is going to be a bit better than 2021."
See More [Forbes]

Brokers: Recruit & Retain More Agents with My State MLS
My State MLS is a nationwide Multiple Listing Service covering the entire U.S. Real estate pros can list properties wherever they are licensed from one account, search properties across the country, work with our nationwide network of agents, and consumers see the listings on, Zillow, and over 100 other outlets. Many brokers use My State MLS to recruit superstar agents and newly licensed agents to build their growing firms.
See More [My State MLS]

Real Estate Lessons in Fair Housing
With Fair Housing violations making headlines, it's never a bad time to brush up on the basics. Whether you're new to writing compliant listing descriptions or a seasoned pro, our one-hour review is the refresher course you need.
See More [My State MLS Webinar]

Use Open Listings to Advertise Your Services, Collect Buyer & Seller Leads, & Grow Your Business!

In real estate sales and rentals, an open listing is a property advertisement that doesn't have a contract to pay a commission between a real estate agent and the property owner.With Open Listing advertisements, you can post Open Listings that will show up on our public search. Your photo, name, and company will also be promoted on all of your listings with this upgrade.
See More Including Video [My State MLS]

David Mink is Now Vice President of Operations
As a senior member of the SLI team, David has contributed to the development of many of State Listings, Inc's various platforms and brands, especially My State MLS. With a background in both television and radio, David is one of the main voices for State Listings, Inc and My State MLS.
See More [Go Home TV]

'You Heard it Here' - December 2021: A Digital Newsletter from My State MLS
My State MLS is offering a periodic newsletter and this is our first edition. We'll cover real estate news, helpful information for brokers and agents, educational and fun webinars, and featured listings.
See More [Go Home TV]

5 Things Homebuyers Shouldn't Do
Many of today's homebuyers are compromising on their wish list-goodbye, upgraded kitchen and patio-as prices have skyrocketed and the number of affordable homes for sale is in short supply. there are some things you shouldn't compromise on.
See More [Go Home TV]

Opinion: Deep Dive into Proposed NAR MLS Changes
Every year, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) converge on a major city. Other than the keynote address, the MLS policy meeting is usually standing-room only, because every year the MLS Policy Committee makes some new, earth-shattering, life-changing policy that ends up dividing the industry and the room. There are some key MLS changes being proposed this year.
See More [Go Home TV]

Webinar: Listing Appointment Playbook
When it comes to winning listing appointments, are you dancing in the end zone or fumbling the ball? The best teams have a solid game plan before hitting the field. Watch our webinar series for tried-and-true playbook to help you win over new clients, every time.
See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Welcomes New Vice President of Marketing & Communications
State Listings is happy to announce that R. Michael Brown has joined the organization as Vice President of Marketing & Communications for all brands including My State MLS.
See More [Go Home TV]

Webinar: What is MLS Affiliate?
We're so excited to introduce MLS Affiliate. Through our new program, we'll reward Affiliates for what they're already doing: using the best tools available and recommending those tools to their colleagues. Isn't it time your MLS paid you?
See More [Go Home TV]

Make Money with Our MLS Affiliate Program
Become an MLS Affiliate and we pay our members commission for each new customer you refer to My State MLS.
See More [Go Home TV]

Advice for New Agents
The housing market is hot, and new real estate agents are swarming to the industry for a slice of the pie. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports there are now 1.45 million members, up 4.8 percent from last year. Check out Dawn's advice in Inman to learn more.

My State MLS Founder and President Dawn Pfaff Wins Connect Media 2021 Women in Real Estate Award
This is the 5th consecutive year that Connect Commercial Real Estate has honored women whose talent, drive, leadership and fresh ideas have helped them succeed and become influential in commercial real estate.
See More [Go Home TV]

My State MLS Partners with The CE Shop, Online Real Estate Education
My State MLS is pleased to announce our new partnership with The CE Shop, which serves real estate professionals with convenient and high-quality online courses! Through this partnership, we are offering our members the opportunity to take online, on-demand continuing education classes at a discounted rate.
See More [Go Home TV]

Feature Story

Dawn Pfaff, Winner of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum's 2021 Woman of Influence Award!

We are excited to announce that Dawn Pfaff, founder and President of My State MLS, is a winner of GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum's 2021 Woman of Influence award in the Innovator category! 

Recognized as an accomplished and impactful leader within commercial real estate, Dawn is highlighted in the publication's July/August 2021 issue. Dawn was honored at GlobeSt Real Estate Forum's second annual Women of Influence Awards Dinner on July 22, 2021, in Park City, Utah.

GlobeSt Real Estate Forum magazine is a publication for the nation's leading decision-makers in all segments of the commercial property industry.

A technology entrepreneur, Dawn has been involved in the real estate industry from nearly every angle for the past 20 years. She's an appraiser, agent, broker, dealer for manufactured housing, licensed instructor to teach continuing education, and investor.

See More [Go Home TV]

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