Real Estate Market Heading for a Cliff?

April 20, 2022

By R. Michael Brown, Go TV Producer

The headlines are dramatic:

Real estate investors cite rising inflation as their biggest concern in 2022 [RealtyBizNews]

How Likely Is a Real Estate Market Crash? [Motley Fool]

A bit of 2008 déjà vu: The housing market hits a level not seen since the last bubble [Fortune]

Inside the real estate housing bubble and market [Business Insider]

Home Prices Can Always Get More Ridiculous [Bloomberg]

Inflation, housing prices still going up in most places but in others some price drops, more inventory slowly showing up in the market. The signs are that something is changing.

Will there be a crash? Will the current sellers market burst like the 2008 bubble? Local markets will dictate what happens.

But you can hedge the market by getting ready for who-knows-what. You'll have to be flexible to roll with it.

Your first hedge is becoming a member of the nationwide multiple listing service My State MLS and follow Go Home TV. We're showing agents what's happening in the market and what you can do about it:

  • Recently, because it was hard to find sellers and listings in a super tight inventory market, we showed our members how to get over 200 listings in 30 days using our My State MLS featured "Open Listings," and how to find more listings in the auction market and help your clients buy there.
  • We showed our members how to make money selling new home construction developments.
  • Our Professional Search feature on My State MLS is being used to find local listings nationwide and showing members how to use that feature to get referral dollars.
  • We launched MLS Affiliate so members can earn money by helping My State MLS add to our over 52,000 members.
  • And we kept members up-to-date on the latest market news on Go Home TV, including breaking news. Our news staff has a nose-for-news and we're tapping the best sources to find out what's really going on.
  • We're tracking the future of land and building sales in the metaverse and how crypto is being used in the real estate market. That's a cliff hanger...
  • Our members are enjoying the marketing benefits of direct listing feeds to Zillow, Trulia,, and 125 syndicated websites, including 20+ international sites in 24 languages.
  • And your listings on My State MLS will always send leads to you, and only you. We don't sell your leads to others. They are "Your listings, your leads."
  • We're interviewing great guests that will help you understand the market and how to best position yourself to make money no matter what happens.
  • My State MLS's customer service is focused on you, helping you make money, as the market evolves.
  • Dawn Pfaff, the president of My State MLS, and staff will continue to show you innovative new ways to make money, market your listings, expand your business, and win, even if your market gets near or goes over a cliff. 
  • And much more...  

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